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This is a site primarily for women. Men are welcome, too, of course, but remember that this site is a women's site first and foremost.

While frank discourse and exchanges of ideas are encouraged, courtesy and respect are required at all times. Violators risk being banished without warning. This is not a democracy. I'm the bitch in charge, and if someone starts throwing around the furniture, that's it, you're outta here. No appeals. There's plenty of blogosphere out there. Nobody is entitled to participate here.

In other words, no trolls.

Also, spam will not be tolerated. Spammers are routinely filtered and deleted, and their IP addresses, URLs, usernames and other information are logged and reported to a central spam database.

Pornography of any kind is not acceptable. If you must talk about something relating to pornography, use a link and clearly label it for what it is so nobody gets blindsided by unmentionables.

We believe in the "fair use" doctrine when it comes to citing copyrighted works, so use your discretion. All of your posts are yours, and the content of your posts is your responsibility.

Blogging privileges here are earned. Establish a track record here, or point us to one you have elsewhere, and at our discretion your account will be upgraded. This policy could change. We'd much rather have a more democratic policy, but at this point this is the way we have to do this.

Transgressions will result in a warning or possibly banishment.

To summarize: Be nice, or begone.

-media girl

Revised and updated March 5, 2005

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