How are women portrayed in novels? Who have been the role models? What influences have female characters in literature had upon the culture as a whole, and feminism in particular? How have female novelists changed how women are seen in society?

These posts investigate these subjects.

These posts review, criticize and/or discuss books, new and classic, that explore and/or expound upon feminist political theory and feminist history.

These posts address in general feminism in books and literature. Subcategories are broken down below.

These are movie reviews, articles, blogs and rants on all topics relating in general to feminism and the cinema. Topics might range from a discussion of overtly feminist cinema to a look at women's roles in popular movies to workplace issues facing women working in the film industry.

These are posts and discussions made here that address in some way feminism and the internet. The links, which are added to this indexing book periodically, are in no particular order. A more comprehensive list of posts on feminism can be found by clicking on the "feminism" keyword next to the title of this post, which will yield a list of self-tagged "feminism" posts in the right-hand column.

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