Much of our cultural mythos and ethos regarding women is influenced by our popular culture. These posts look at feminism and the entertainment industry.

Over the decades, women in music have both influenced and reflected attitudes and beliefs about women in our society. These are posts relating to these topics.

These posts relate to how women have been portrayed in popular television shows, as well as the roles women play, and played, in the creation of tv entertainment.

These posts speak to the influences the television news has -- and has had -- on societal attitudes towards women. How have the tv news shows portrayed women in our culture? How has feminism been presented to the public by tv news? What roles have women played in tv news, and how has that affected attitudes towards women in general? How has feminist thought and activism responded to tv news? What experiences have women in the news media industry had? Are things changing?

As the most powerful popular culture medium over the past 50 years, television has been a primary influence on how we, as a society, view women. What is a woman's role in our society? What are the traits of powerful women? How has feminism affected and responded to portrayals of women on television? How has popular television presented feminism to the general public?

These posts address television in general and/or in ways that do not fit neatly into the other categories that also address the television medium.

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