Know your Democrats: Jim Gibson, candidate for Governor, would ban abortion


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Know Your Democrats

I can't help but think of The Handmaid's Tale. In that story, abortion was criminalized. Doctors who performed abortions were killed and hung from a hook on "the wall" for all to see. I guess that's where some of our politicians want to take us. It scares the bejesus out of me.

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Posted by Donna (not verified) on 24 October 2005 - 2:08pm
A Handmaid's Tale

Frightening. And alarming how many folks want to remake America in that image.

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Posted by media girl on 24 October 2005 - 3:05pm
thanks for reminding me why

thanks for reminding me why I left the party that hates women less. god, they make me sick.

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Posted by stephanie on 24 October 2005 - 9:47pm