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"We believe in embracing lead

"We believe in embracing leadership...."

i'm curious as to what this principle is based on? & what it's purpose is?

why should one want to embrace "leadership" when there's so little to recommend it in the way of efficacy? where has following (or embracing) leaders gotten us? what about the possibility of de-emphasizing individuals as saviors or heroes & perhaps to begin emphasizing collective responsibility & action?

i'm also curious as to the need to maintain America's "security" and what that entails? it states that our "true power" comes from wisdom but also (as well as) our "strength" - does this mean that our current level of militarization is something to be maintained? or does the coupling of wisdom to strength imply an eventual vision of de-militarization?

i ask these questions respectfully (& hope they come across that way). i have always personally found progressive politics to seem to be a huge bundle of contradictions (e.g., the attempt to combine social justice with authoritarian political structures, or the attempt to appease capitalist interests) - at the same time, i know & like many folk who identify as progressive, so i'm interested in finding out what appeals to them about this philosophy...

nice site, btw - found you via Feminist Blogs (tho i think i've seen you posting at Alas a Blog as well - which is strangely down at the moment... ?)

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Posted by jam (not verified) on 13 March 2005 - 1:49pm
I'm the wrong person to ask

I posted that link because that site came to my attention just a few days ago. I was not a part of it. At the time I posted this blog entry, I signed up on that site, just to see what there might be for registered users. I did not register with the 2020 Democrats, though -- it wouldn't seem right as I'm a registered independent.

The discussion of what exactly are progressive values goes on all the time. I think it's an important discussion.

I'm curious, what "authoritarian political structures" do you see progressives as endorsing? What appeasement to capital interests do you see progressives as advocating? To me, these describe modern conservative thought more than anything else.

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Posted by media girl on 13 March 2005 - 2:59pm