What conservatives find funny: Ann Coulter knows


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Coulter is not the problem

I've been trying to move beyond the blame-Coulter (or Limbaugh, or Blitzer, or Beck, etc., etc.) pattern of thought. The problem is that we have sold the airwaves to the highest bidders. Yes, I know Coulter was not speaking for television on this particular occasion, but the point is that she would be a nobody if the networks didn't constantly put her on the air.

Until we stop entrusting our broadcast apparatus to the wealthiest corporations, such as Murdoch's News Corp, ABC/Disney, Viacom/CBS, Time/Warner/AOL/CNN and General Electric/NBC, we are going to be faced with this total pollution of our public discourse. The ONLY way to stop this is to take the airwaves back.

Is it really possible to wrest control of electronic broadcast media from those giant financial powers? Sorry, probably not. But I think that's the only big goal worth focusing on now. That, I'm convinced, is what killed our democracy.

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Posted by Ralph (not verified) on 4 March 2007 - 4:03pm
It's more than simply money

Outcry does make a difference, as the radical right has demonstrated by squawking louder than everybody else.

Today there seems to be a little push back.

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Posted by media girl on 4 March 2007 - 5:10pm