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Why I am NOT against Santorum...

...because if the Democratic leadership is so arrogant to back Casey then this entire race is a spectacular waste of time and money and I refuse to get sucked into the blathering sound and fury signifying nothing. I am sick to death of both the Democratic and Republican promoting candidates that should not even be allowed to run for dog catcher and that I am suppose to give a shit. Fuck it, if the Democratic leadership wants to put up a crud like Casey than I will be more than happy to watch them eat Casey crow... I hope they choke on it.

This leadership is purposefully destroying the party by their willful and intended ineffectiveness... now that the party is almost the size of a bathtub the bastards have the nerve to take the base hostage and demand ransoms for them to represent us again. They have made the terms of the ransom very clear... Only when you give up your liberal and progressive issue will we then go back to work and represent you... however, the fact of the matter is that once we give up our dreaded issues and ideologies and become partisan just for partisan fuck sake... our representatives will actually be representing the GOP they envy so, and not us.

Taking a look at the bigger picture. Kaine is a perfect example (along with Salazar) of why it is imperative to NOT support these New dEMS. What position do gays noe have in Virginia when BOTH parties are against them. Gays are now WORSE OFF in Virginia then if Kilgore had been elected. The Democratic party has suffered under the guise that voters do not see any difference between the two parties. Kaine now clearly defines the "difference": the GOP enjoy humiliating and robbing people of the civil rights whereas Kaine "feels uncomfortable".

To all the gays and women who helped put Kaine in the Governors mansion... Ahhhh SUCKERS.

The blogosphere has been working overtime to create the illusion that "kinda bad dEMS" are not so bad as really bad Republicans... I submit proof positive that this is a lie. The difference between good and bad politicians are those who work for the greater good of humanity and those to work to enslave and encroach civil liberties... point blank. Kaine is a bad person and a dishonorable politician not matter how many bible verses he spews forth or uncomfortable he feels. Would Jesus ban Gay marriage... I think not, since he gave his life empowering those the were shunned from society.

This is the real meaning of the New Ownership Society. So yes by all means with hold votes, and withhold funds.

But there is another dynamic I see unfolding along side the Democratic party's wholesale capitulation of their base. PROGRESSIVES ARE DOING IT ON THEIR OWN. with or with our the blessing of the Democratic leadership.

The few success and wins of liberal issues and ideologies have been won with the perceptible absence of Democratic party leadership. WE THE PEOPLE(not the Democratic party) brought down the Governor of California... not a peep from Harry Reid or even it's Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. It was also WE THE PEOPLE who brought the Wal-Mart giant to it's knees in Maryland by forcing the state legislature to do the right thing... most recently WE THE PEOPLE was busy again making full converts of the Republican Party in New Jersey CHAMPIONS of Gay rights.

So I agree wholehearted with Marisacat... stop paying these people to enslave you. Give to the primary candidate who most represents your values. As in the case of the Dem Senate primary I would give to Chuck Pennachio. IF PENNACHIO LOSES I WILL NOT SUPPORT CASEY.... LET SANATORUM WIN

Ignore the noise...

Why is letting Sanatorum win better than Casey... just ask gays in Virginia. Gays in Virginia are now boxed in and can't even fight Kaine because they voted for his ass and now he has the power of incumbency which means that the Democratic leadership will be even less willing to primary him later for reelection... so remember this lesson from the Virginia gays "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW" and not amount of triangulation is going to make Kaine represent those who brought him to the dance.

How does this help libruls...? Easy, instead of wasting energy and money supporting a lowlife like Casey, the moment the primaries are over liberals should start organizing to fight in earnest everything that Sanatorum stands for. The Democratic leadership has already capitulated the Federal government... liberal and progressives in Penn (well actually everywhere) must activate their base locally to inoculate themselves from the shit that is going to be coming from DC. It is wiser and more effective to spend their money and energy in the state strengthening state laws protecting womens right and gay rights and labor rights instead of wasting it on a loser like Casey.

Democracy a la carte.

Pick and choose your representatives. Liberals and progressives can no longer be tied to the hip to the Democratic party. This Democratic leadership has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they no longer want to represent us... fine. We no longer have to support them blindly either. What does this mean? Well, for one instead of again wasting time, money and energy on the Fighting dEMS (aka Washington Generals). Look afield... if the Democratic candidate wants to represent you then fine... if they don't why waste your money on someone who want to enslave you instead. Especially on the local level (federal level is now a lost cause under this Democratic leadership) if their is a better Green or even republican... go for it... the Democratic party is not a blood oath.

Again ignore the noise and look at the facts.

1. Liberals/Progressives are no better off under being represented by politicians who refuse to represent them.

2. It is a waste of time, money and energy electing officials who refuse to represent you (we are not talking entitlements... but death and equality, I'd say that those are two good reasons to kick the Casey's and the Washington Generals to the curb)

3. Engage locally as WE THE PEOPLE were meant to in the Constitution.

4. WE THE PEOPLE must vaccinate local policies inoculating them from the DC bullshit that is about to hit the fan... thanks to the purposeful ineffectiveness of the Democratic leadership.






Sorry Marisacat for making this so long... you know how it is when you wake up in the morning with an idea for an article that has been floating in your head all night.

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Not a problem... ;)

I hear you...

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