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Pavone raised funds for Terry

Pavone will never be taken seriously by conservative evangelicals because of his role in raising money for Randall Terry.

After Terry abandoned his first wife and children in favor of a former campaign staffer, he chose to exploit his supporters to raise money for a new house for him and his second wife.

Pavone was a signatory to that letter, where Terry told a sob story about being financially persecuted.

In reality, he had chosen years before to place assets in his wife's name, which effectively shielded them from civil claims.

At least they were shielded until he divorced his first wife, who lost the house where she and her kids lived as a result (sold to pay the judgements against Terry).

While the fundraising letter was going out, Terry was even summoned before family court given his failure to pay child support.

Yet again, he told a sob story to the judge - I guess he feels 1 Timothy 5 doesn't apply to him, or he was too proud to dig ditches to feed his own children.

Pavone either has EXTREMELY poor discernment, to be so easily led astray, or he deliberately chose to assist Terry in the abandonment of his only legitimate wife and family.

By the time the fundraising letter went out, Terry had already been publicly, formally censured by his church for a pattern of repeated, sinful behavior (they did NOT censure him just for his divorce)

Rather than submit to spiritual discipline, Terry chose to join another church willing to ignore his sinful past, and appears to remain in rebellion against lawful church authority to this day.

Terry does his best to conceal his past actions, but I doubt any church that knows his past would even let him speak publicly, much less receive Communion (though it's difficult to ask him about his past, as he has his lawyers send letters threatening to sue)

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Posted by Bill (not verified) on 1 March 2006 - 3:12pm
Thanks for adding this, Bill

and you're right on all counts. A man has sunk to the depths when even Flip Benham says, "Please Remove Randall's Feeding Tube."

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Posted by moiv on 1 March 2006 - 9:31pm