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Excellent post

Pew Research Center conducted a poll on morals in America and, interestingly enough, abortion was in the middle of the list--below adultery, below excessive drinking, and below cheating on your taxes....interesting to see what people actually think.


Also, in Nevada they may restrict abortion but they can't ban it because we are the only state to pass roe on a state level.


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Posted by Myrna the Minx on 20 April 2006 - 10:50pm
"Pro-abortionists are

"Pro-abortionists are growing desperate attempting now not only to silence the voice of the unborn but those that advocate for them as well."

Maybe someone should explain to this genius that, um, nobody's trying to silence "the voice of the unborn." We don't have to, because "the unborn" don't have voices to silence. They also lack any kind of opinion, feeling or preference, so even if they had voices, they wouldn't be saying anything worth silencing. I like how he draws a distinction between the voice of the foetus and the voice of the foetus-fan - like those two things are not one and the same.

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Posted by Rachel (not verified) on 21 April 2006 - 4:58am
I hate to do this...But I need your Help!

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Gay in PA?

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Care about marriage equality?

Then you need to be on my blog...And right now for contact info.


Monday, April 24th, the PA State Legislature will be voting on the "Marriage Protection Amendment."

Today is the last big push to defeat this hate-based measure.


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Posted by gary (not verified) on 21 April 2006 - 11:25am
There are two interesting

There are two interesting little side notes here, regarding the abortion debate. Republican legislators probably know that any comprehensive abortion ban that is passed by a state legislature, and that allows the Supreme Court to overturn Roe, will be a complete disaster for the Republican Party. Abortion is THE BIG social issue that the Republicans can use during election years. It is the social issue that brings out their Religious Right wing-nut base. Overturn Roe, and you remove that social issue which keeps the wing-nuts regularly voting for the Republicans. Republicans would also realize is that if abortion is overturned, this will galvanize both the Democrats, and possibly women voters who would see that their own rights would be taken away by male Republican legislators. How are these women voters going to vote if abortion is overturned?

The second interesting detail that I noticed is that Tony Perkins doesn't get it. At this moment, he and his wing-nuts have a slight advantage in fighting against what they believe is an unjust law. In other words, Tony Perkins and his religious wing-nuts can claim that they are victims against evil liberals and Democrats who have forced this hated law of abortion against all good Christian Americans, and it is those evil liberals and Democrats who are murdering and trampling the legal rights of unborn children everywhere. This makes great propaganda for Perkins and his Family Research Council, and could allow Perkins to continue to solicit monetary donations to his Family Research Council from like-minded evangelicals who want to see Roe overturned. If Roe is overturned, Perkins loses this propoganda ploy. With abortion overturned, why would the evangelicals want to donate their money to Perkins Family Research Council? What other social issue dominates the American political landscape but abortion? I'd say that the last thing that Tony Perkins would want is to see abortion overturned, since he could lose out on this great little political racket he has going for him.

Then again, I'm not a Religious Right Wing-nut.

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Posted by Eric A Hopp (not verified) on 21 April 2006 - 5:54pm
Don't misunderestimate how doggedly they can meddle

...with your life.

Next is go after the gays. Then go after divorce. Then go after women's right to work. Once they get the upper hand over women, don't think that they're going to get complacent when the backlash starts.

Pro-choice is the "big tent" position. Those who are in favor of forced pregnancy laws are the ones about restricting rights.

And once citizens lose rights to the government, the government rarely if ever gives them back.

That's what your cold calculus misses, I believe.

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Posted by media girl on 21 April 2006 - 8:07pm
No misunderstanding

Media Girl: I don't doubt that the neocons will go after gay marriage, or divorce, or a woman's right to work, or any of the other social issues where they wish to turn this country back to the 14th century. And I certainly don't like their extremist positions any more than you do. What I'm saying is that gay marriage, intelligent design, or any of the other social issues these wing-nuts use do not provoke the intense emotional response that abortion does. And if these wing-nuts are able to overturn Roe, they are going to face an even greater outrage, not only by liberals, but moderates and progressives who will feel that these extremists have gone too far in imposing their ideology on the rest of us. My fear is that this isn't just going to cause the abortion debate to get ugly, but perhaps even more violent than we would have ever seen.

I'm just as worried about these idiots as the rest of you are.

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Posted by Eric A Hopp (not verified) on 22 April 2006 - 11:22am