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Well to be fair, according

Well to be fair, according to KOS' rationale as offered in that post he wouldn't be obliged to root for Lieberman.. only to, err, politely ignore the Joe-mentum and "focus his attentions elsewhere," I guess? :) But yeah, your point still stands. He's always been too much of a Party Man for my tastes..

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Posted by jay smooth (not verified) on 31 March 2006 - 12:28am
Ka-ching! Kos

Kos does what he's paid to do. No more or less. If he was paid to stump for Lieberman, he'd be first on the bandwagon. If he were paid to write nice things about Dr. Mengele, you'd see posts on his blog about how nice it was at Auschwitz. Kos has all the ethics of a lightly retarded weasel.


“Dr Gannon told me I must be fed. …I was held down by five people…Gannon pushed the tube up left nostril…It hurts nose and throat very much and makes nose bleed freely…Operation leaves one very sick.�

~Lucy Burns i

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Posted by AlanSmithee on 31 March 2006 - 4:29pm
Like Most of Them...

...Kos persists in his delusion that he has proprietary interest in, or de facto ownership over, any voter who has ever voted Democrat, even once.

While sitting this election out would be a good first step, surely it's not the end. Maybe a call is in order for a mass re-registration of those permanently disenchanted with the DP. Why not ?

The DP will never believe that you are seriously through with them, because a critical mass of the permanently disenchanted never emerges. I don't really know what to do about this. Often it seems to me that we're just on the cusp of a mass exodous. It would just take a handful of Progressive Dems in leadership to bolt, and to invite their constituents to follow.

But I can't imagine who would make the first move. They are too cowed by what happened to He Who Must Never Be Named ( :p ) when he bailed on the DP in 2000. Most of the liberal-left intelligensia remains ever-ready and eager to score points with the kingmakers by giving backhanded slaps to anyone prominent who'd have the collossial bad manners to actually stop griping and start walking away.

Kossacks and their masters give a whole new sinister import to Bush's babbling about "ownership society."

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Posted by alsis39.75 (not verified) on 2 April 2006 - 12:55pm

Oy on both Lieberman and Kos.

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Posted by The Heretikal One (not verified) on 5 April 2006 - 5:44pm