Why did the Bush Administration keep his lyme disease secret?


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Bush's Lyme Disease

Bush’s treatment was based on a clinical diagnosis from his practioners, as it should be – NOT his blood test results. The rest of us would have had to rely on blood test results produced by junk labs that routinely miss obvious and active lyme.

Health insurance providers and others continue to support and mandate diagnostic tools that don’t accurately detect lyme – even though more accurate and sensitive tools are available. They cover useless treatment plans such as 2 weeks of antibiotics and discriminate against and harass those practioners who know how to improve the health of consumers suffering from lyme such as lyme-literate and alternative care practioners.

I was sorry to hear President Bush has lyme. As we know, lyme causes thinking problems – even for presidents. I think all consumers should have access to prompt, safe and effective treatment – just like Bush. Too bad greed, ignorance and profit gets in the way of health in ‘American health care’.

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Posted by writer (not verified) on 21 August 2007 - 9:25am
Alternative Care Excluded

It’s curious to note that most coverage on Bush’s lyme disease limits their discussion to just one treatment option - antibiotics. They never mention that he is under regular chiropractic care – one of many safe and effective treatment plans used by lyme victims to improve their immune systems and recover from the ravages caused by this bacterial infection.

Think this is due to the media’s reporting being filtered and overly influenced by their number one advertiser – pharmaceutical companies?

Also many consumers:

Can’t get prescription for antibiotics – especially those who are being treated by non lyme-literate practioners and those who deny the existence of chronic lyme disease.

Can’t afford the long- term or IV antibiotics they need to recover from this debilitating disease.

Don’t improve with antibiotics – they need to use other forms of treatment

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Posted by writer (not verified) on 21 August 2007 - 9:26am

Consumers can contract lyme disease from many sources – not just ticks. They can get it from other insects, lyme vaccines (that is why it was pulled from the market), organs or blood purchased in the marketplace, breast milk, in-utero, intercourse and so on.

It doesn’t matter if the disease was purchase in the marketplace or if it came from a tick bite – it can be quite debilitating. In some cases, if left without a prompt and effective treatment, (as is often the case) it can cause permanent disability and even death.


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Posted by writer (not verified) on 21 August 2007 - 9:28am