That was then. That's all in the past. (On elusive dreams, contentless character and being taken for a bus ride)


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well, said

and fuck Delaware Dem. I have to say that I've discovered a wealth of really good blogs I'd been missing now that the little hack martinet Kos and his bully boys "invited" me off the site. I'd wasted too much time there.

Any change that comes will be born locally and from small pockets of resistance. Ambitious ward heelers like Kos, DH, Armando and Delaware Dem care only about the talking points they're fed, and furthering a center-right agenda wearing a bunch of ribbons in its chest. Women, gays, the poor and minorities aren't on their radar, or on the radars of their masters Reid, Schumer and Emmanuel.

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 16 January 2006 - 10:23pm
Just Us's of the Internets

The part I liked the most about Gore's speech was keeping free the Internet. Which is a far cry from what the "A" List bloggers are promoting. They are pushing for ..."justice on the internets"... that is "Just Us" on the internet... all others shut the fuck up... and give them your money. Their intimidation and trolling techniques are worthy of a seat at Rove's table.

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Posted by niceday (not verified) on 17 January 2006 - 5:15am
Now Massa = Gore

I give you that ... this so called "A List" blogger left wing messaging machine is not giving up "their fight" to push the party to the far right sitting down. Now, Donnie Fowler equates the burning liberalism of Gore's speech is on the same platform as Eric Massa, anti choice Republican (d) ...if it weren't so pathetic I'd laugh. And as always... for good measure... they hobo themselves onto Howard Dean's boxcar ... as if that some how hides that their real intent and their rightward push.

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Posted by niceday (not verified) on 17 January 2006 - 8:02am
Thanks for that link...

truly gagworthy. That is a selling job, for certain, from Donnie Fowler.

Eric Massa in NY-29 is nothing to do with Gore and his speeches.

Massa-29 endorsed by another former non Democrat (Clark) and endorsed by Gene Taylor of MS, a pro life all star in Democrats for Life and beloved by the Christian Coalition, Massa is a former Republican, a 'Fighting Dem" and no doubt yet another Rahm recruit.

Call them "Rahm Recruits" and be done with it. Biz Wing, War Wing Anti Woman Wing.

Senator Shelby of Alabama should come back home, he'd fit right in, again.

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Posted by Marisacat on 17 January 2006 - 11:34am
Then and now

"Four decades ago, the Democrats fought the right fight."

Four decades ago, the Democratic Party in my home state was ardently committed to the strategy of "massive resistance" to desegregation. The Freedom Movement was fighting against the established Democrat power structure; a Democrat mayor fought for bus segregation tooth and nail, a Democrat governor proclaimed "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever," and a Democrat police commissioner turned firehoses and attack dogs on unarmed children. Over in Mississippi (home of Jim Eastland) and Georgia (home of Richard Russell) and Arkansas (home of Orval Faubus) the situation wasn't much different.

"What kind of Democratic Party would greet Dr. King today?"

I find it hard to imagine how the Democratic Party of today could manage to displease Dr. King more than it did at the time, given that at the time it was held in a stranglehold by his cruelest and most powerful enemies.

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Posted by Rad Geek (not verified) on 18 January 2006 - 3:11am
So I suppose the question which, back then, was the real Democratic Party? Because pushing for desegregation was the national Democratic leadership.

Today would there be any national Democratic leadership pushing for anyone's rights? Or would they go along to get along? Would they strike magnificent poses, then knuckle under once the tv lights are turned off?

Would schools be desegregated? Would the Voting Rights Act happen?

I find these things hard to reconcile with the kinder and gentler Republicans to which the national Democratic Party seems to aspire.

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Posted by media girl on 18 January 2006 - 11:01am