This was Hillary's nomination to lose, and she -- not the media -- lost it


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Hillary's a Victim like I'm a Millionaire - Not!

She's lost a lot of plain ol' simple credibility which in returns has a certain amount of respect due to her life with Bill Clinton all his outside affairs and she has been standing by her man she she was in her 20's. HRC forged papers when a young girl accused him of sexual assault, she's a rotten bugar.

People have watched her sell her soul so-to-speak for the power that Bill could bring her, not taking away from her hard earned credentials, which she should have been strong enough to pack it up and go with.

A person that sells out never wins at the end - she sold out years ago.

She sold herself and Bill got the power and the clout - now she's getting slammed - old politics - but its hard to break those filthy habits the both of them have - crooks!

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Posted by vickilynne on 27 May 2008 - 2:29pm