U.S. is near the top of baby death rates


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I don't know if the
I don't know if the Democrats have any real answers -- the best Democratic speech I've ever heard on it was delivered by the fictional Matt Santos from The West Wing -- but we can be pretty damned sure that the Republicans will do nothing about it.

Hear hear. They will do nothing about it, because they enabled it in the first place. Too bad about the babies dying, those poor people shouldn't be having them anyway. They don't have the sense of "personal responsibility" we rich white people have, which is why eventually we will have to have forced sterilization programs for poor non-white people and education/work camps for non-white people unemployed for over a year. That's where they're headed, the logical progression of their policies, though they refuse to admit it.

Will Democrats have an answer? Better ask, will the American people support an answer? Because inevitably, it won't be cheap and it will involve expending tax dollars on poor non-white people.

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Posted by liberalrob on 9 May 2006 - 11:31am
Where does the healthcare money go?

Insurance companies and pharmacuetical corporations. The system is rigged for them. (And don't believe for one minute they pay the retail rate that would be charged to you if you don't have insurance.)

If Medicare is expensive but efficient, and insurance-profit-driven healthcare is expensive but inefficient, it seems that more tax money into the solution would lead to less expensive healthcare. Remove the profit-hungry middleman who denies healthcare coverage in order to maximize ROI.

Insurance companies don't get rich paying for healthcare. They get rich not paying for healthcare.

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Posted by media girl on 9 May 2006 - 1:38pm