So NOW can we talk about straight male violence?


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what feuls men's anger

There is no easy answer to this, I do know that men of my generation still have hopes of finding that one true love. All to often we find ourselves being used by some women and having our hearts broken. Some women have become cold and heartless, walking away from their families, their children to enjoy the single life of drugs and sex. To work at relationship problems is not an answer, its to easy to run away. To put all you have into someone, just to have them spit in your face by their actions would anger anyone. Even as I could never understand hitting someone I love, I cannot say I have not thought of knocking some sense into someones head. To many triggers are out there and the games need to end before others feel that lives are wasteful and should be taken away.

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Posted by your name here (not verified) on 20 April 2007 - 9:27am
Now that I've seen some of the video

My sense is that he was a victim of molestation as a child. The mainstream media is flailing in speculation as to his motives, and basically try to lump him into "mentally ill" or even a religious nut. Will anyone talk about the deep dark secret in society that is child molestation and the damage it does?

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Posted by media girl on 20 April 2007 - 9:45am
You don't have to generalize

You don't have to generalize this, not all the women are like this and you know it. Searching for the person you want to share your life with it's difficult because each one of us have our own criteria and many times these criteria don't usually fit at first glance. It takes time and patience to build a relationship and start a healthy marriage. Unfortunately couples today don't really have time and patience, they don't even have the will to get a marriage counselor to save what's left of their marriage and have a new start. It's sad that divorce is so handy and fast, this makes couples rush into drastic decisions.

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Posted by kimberlyy on 12 August 2008 - 6:18am