A "short-eyes party" is forming in Netherlands


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As a women who counsells female survivors fo childhood sexual abuse I am horrified by this news story and the rationalizations contained within. To not acknowledge the damage done to children by sexual abuse is so upsetting. Come do my job for one week and then tell me this is a good idea...

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Posted by mysticmoonstar on 31 May 2006 - 11:13am
Disagree strongly

We pedophiles find your hatred of us evidence of your sickness.

Look, traditionally pedophilia has been embraced and has worked well all over the world throughout the centuries.

The modern day holocaust of our community is evidence of the sick and sad society that you have tried to create - A society full of hatred, fear and scapegoating.

We have many words for you people. None of them are nice.

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Posted by Jeffrey Gold (not verified) on 4 June 2006 - 11:51am
That IS satire right???

That IS satire right???

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Posted by JPark (not verified) on 4 June 2006 - 8:49pm
Um ... "worked well" how?

"Holocaust" indeed!

What I "hate" is what you do to children. It's one thing to say high school freshmen are more sexually mature and aware than society gives them credit for. But it's another to say that a 45-year-old man should be able to fuck a 6-year-old. That is hateful behavior, Jeffrey.

And just because you dudes have been running the world at times throughout history and been able to "embrace" child molestation as "working well" doesn't mean that you're right, or justified.

What of the rights of the children? Or is that too "sick and sad" of a topic for you?

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Posted by media girl on 4 June 2006 - 1:36pm
Yes and No...

I could see lowering the age to something like, 16 or so. I know plenty of people under 18 who make good choices about using protection, keeping one partner for a long period of time, etc. It is also, in a sense, stupid to keep it illegal until the age of 18 because many, many people have sex before then. I have also heard many stories of a girl getting mad at a guy she had sex with after a break up and charging him with this or that. She can get away with it too.

So there is a point where it gets to be too young, but a little younger I think is okay.

I would also like to say that if children were educated at a very young age at how to deal with things like molesation in life, and at school and whatnot, not just in the home, it would be very helpful.

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Posted by LightRainDrops on 7 June 2006 - 5:21pm