The sad pathology of Phyllis Schlafly


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The sad pathology of Phyllis Schlafly

I read this off of a link on Glen Sacks page and I have to agree with your opinion on this. I walk a fine line on the subject of Fathers/Mens rights and its role in modern americn society.

But this women is way off base with her allergories. She is stuck in the 50s with its preconcieved notions of how marriages should work and how relationships should be formed. Why is is so many people want to believe that we are still "Leave it to Beaver".

Women are much more capable then many men think they are and it almost always a failing of young couples especaially that they dont play to each others strengths.

I supported my first wife in her career for many years and encouraged her to test the boundries of what she could do. Our marriage ended mainly because we just found after a number of years that we had moved in different directions and lost the middle ground. We are better friends then we were as husband and wife.

3 things in any relationship must be satisfied on BOTH sides to have a successful long term relationship/marriage.

Mental: You and your partner must be able to communicate effectively on ALL levels from a social,educational,general, and intimate levels and be compatible or there is general chaos tryig to figure out what the other is really saying.
Emotional: Your partner has to know INSTINCTIVLY that you will support them in thier pursuits and be there for them when things are not at thier best.
Physical: You and your partner must be able to have a healthy discourse of intimacy or you might as well just be roomates.

Any one of these 3 things are bad in a relationship/marriage then it just will not work. It may last a long time but eventually that thing which is weak will start to become worse and worse. Some couples are able to overcome these things in time but they are never as solid as those that have them from the start.

Phyllis obviously never studied this particular school of thought.

Thanks for the Soapbox

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