Republicans pass torture bill, eliminate habeus corpus


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Republicans and hysteria

I am a height weight porportionate white american male with a rock star arrogance i apply to speak loud and act cocky to get in people's faces when they first meet me so they don't get the idea that I am trying to tell them a secret or get close and be a scumbag. I let everybody know we are talking, if you don't like it , if you need to keep something secret, then it will show.

So there is this hysteria, about the goofy government getting all over our files and then maybe trying to do.. something.. that could be a real bummer. I mean it could totally wipe out your day.

Somebody is going to lose, I mean somebody cool, is actually going to have this happen to them, all I can think of is that I want to have some spare change ready to bail them out if I can.

I seriously need to mow my lawn without some paranoid freaked out bimbo speed dialing 911 to report suspicious behavior.

They just love to see those nice guys in uniforms show up and smack my head off a cop car and see if they can get me to fight a cop resisting arrest, and of course, a girl, would never report me if her intuition had not alerted her to my pathology right?

If you knew I was cool yesterday, and for the last ten years, and then you see the cops or guys in suits hauling my disks and paperwork to their cars, I am still cool... OK?

This is very important. I have really bad 3D screensavers on my disks, and some old songs, they won't find much.

These guys are passing laws that will make normal people not trust each other...., and we just can't change our criteria for trusting each other every ten minutes and hope to hold this all together.

If anybody really wants to know what I have in my house, all they gotta do is bring some designer coffee, maybe some chicken for the bar - b - que..., and hang around..., and they will be a lot more likely to know if I am cool or not.

That system worked for a thousand years, it might still have some use left in it.


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Posted by Todd (not verified) on 1 October 2006 - 10:31pm