On religious fundamentalism and their culture of death


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Sex Ed and Val;ues

"Sexual Health for Life" (SexEd.com.au) and "Values for Your Life" (valuesforlife.com.au) are a series of workbooks covering sex education, sexual health, STIs/STDs, contraception and also abstinence.

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Posted by Sex Ed (not verified) on 22 January 2006 - 3:17pm
My offering

for Blog for Choice day is up at Liberal Street Fighter:

Lady or the Tiger.

It’s more than choice though. One can only choose if one is FREE. Autonomous, open and curious and well-informed ... from THESE conditions come true “choice�. This man knows that his life is better because his three sisters are all very different and very strong women who made their own paths in life. This man knows that his life is better because he had a mother who asked questions herself, a woman who taught me early and often to read and explore and push boundaries, even when my pushing and questioning made life harder for her and my dad. I know that my life has been enriched, and my own options expanded, because the female teachers and coworkers and friends and lovers I’ve known have lived in an America that gave them the freedom to choose their own paths. How enriched my life has been to live in a time of flowering freedoms for women!

So my support for women is indeed selfish. Forcing women to choose between two doors in life, either motherhood or maidenhood, is to rob the world of thought and beauty and creativity. Such a world was a darker place, a darker place that is coming back with a frightening speed.

How can people not SEE this?

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 22 January 2006 - 4:37pm
Logic Expired, Reason Retired, Removal Required

Dear Mediagirl,

Since my first post at mediagirl.org I have admired your willingness to beleive that the neocrusaders still have enough intellectual wiggle room

to still allow for the consideration of different and even opposing ideas when it comes to any of their "hot-button" issues. It is reflective of a

much less cynical vision of the new religious reich than is mine.

In my world there is truly an "us" and "them" deliniation through which I filter just about everything life requires of me that entails interaction with those around me. This is applies to family, non religious organizaions and even online date trolling. Okay, "prospecting" may be a more polite term but you get the idea. OMG! I could never go out with a Republican! Yeuucckkk! Given enough gin and tonic could there perhaps even be a "liason?" How would I feel the night after? Worse, what if Roe had been effectively disassembled and a pregnancy resulted from the bastard's refusal to wear a condom? (and my refusal to stop drinking gin and tonic)

I digress. In short, like trying to talk sensibly to a handsome stranger in a hotel bar while imbibing well brand gin on an empty stomach, it just can't be done. To pull closer to the bar and try again you order another drink, stare him in the eyes and play "footsies" under the table while attempting to convince him of your fidelity to a boyfriend back home.

Please do not take this comment as a "dis" towards those who still believe in the premise that religious extremism can be reasoned with or that, one by one, its adherents can return to something like intellectual sanity. God bless the reality based Christians for they truly do the Lord's work by appealing with love to the fundamentalist lost sheep. Christians saving Christians. We live in very strange times.


syrenkitty (Lauren Taylor)

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Posted by laurentayloris on 23 January 2006 - 9:37am
I don't write for the benefit of zealots

They're already so certain of their moral and intellectual superiority, they're legends in their own minds, and I make it a policy never to argue with legends.

Aside simply for myself, I engage in these topics because opposing views to the prevailing magical thinking offered up by the right are necessary, lest we forfeit our future to Nutterland. This is important for the folks who know what they feel but don't quite know how to articulate it. This is important for the mainstream media, who seem to think that "balanced" reporting consists of making sure the most radical wingnuts get their share of screen time, and consider accurate reporting to be an exercise in bias. This is important for all of us, so that we know we're not the only ones believing as we do.

I tire of trolls, and we've had our share here. But this is "my" space -- our space -- and I'm not going to shut up because a few fanatics way over in loonyville won't ever be convinced that their shit does indeed stink.

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Posted by media girl on 23 January 2006 - 10:37am