The Patriarchy's girlfriend


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So Sad

It's so sad you feel the way you do. You can't see a woman working hard to make something for herself and her family. I guess you would rather her stay home and raise babies? Or get an abortion on her children. I guess you are upset that her 17yo did not get an abortion. Well maybe her son/daughter will run for President some day as Obama. Or did you not know his mother was 17 when she was pregnant with him. You worry about Palin's experience in foreign politics as a VP.. but you don't worry about Obama's as President. He has been in Washington for less than 4 years and what bill has he sponsored? What vote has he given? If you want to ask the tough questions ask yourself what has Obama done. I think he is a great speaker and can sell anything to anyone. But what has he done. He walks in and says Yea or Na... And really he has not done that much in 4 years since he has been running for President most of the time. It's just sad how you women are angry with Palin for trying to be a better person. Someone who is honest and Genuine... Someone that does not change just to suite the case as Obama did on the war.

You are voting for a person who's first political campaign fund raiser was put on by a terrorist and he served on a board with him and gave speaches with him. You don't see anything wrong with this. The person that said on 9/11 that he wished he could have done as good a job as those terrorists. You can believe your smoke and mirrors and sit having your coffee and scones . In some ways I hope Obama wins just so you idiots will see that this country is not set up to jump to Alternative energy...

We are moving that way and I hope we are there some day. You can't see that trucking companies are closing down because they can't afford the gas prices, that everything you touch in your life was delivered by a truck at some point and some way and that as much as you get pissed that some fat American will get rich on Oil gas prices will go down the cost of things will go down and the economy will get better.

Prices up only does one thing... Or maybe you have not seen in your little box of a world take a look at where your money goes..

Now we can give it to them for this or some fat American can have it and well in his fat house have people working there... In his fat house he can use his money in America. And well more than likely he won't use money for terroriom on our country.

You people just don't have a clue you think things are so easy as you sit around and complain but you never open your eyes to the real world and think it can be solved complaining.

Did you know the the Clinton Library was paid for by Saudi Arabia? Ever wonder why? Did you know China could not get a missile to fly straight for long distances so Clinton allowed our top scientist to go there and teach them. Now they have the ability to hit anywhere in the USA with a missile.

It's all about money and right now we are giving it away to countries that want to hurt us. Why not since we are going to use Oil until we have a viable alternative use OUR oil.

Why are we going to stop our companies from oil in the Gulf of Mexico? Worried about what can happen to the Gulf? Well since we are not going there other countries are and do you think other countries really care about the environment as much as Americans? Think out of your liberal box for just one minute before you start putting people down..

Oh it's a shame Palin's daughter got pregnant at 17... Well your Obama's mother did also.. and you say she can't keep her house in order. Well Hillary's husband was having sex in the White House so does that mean she can't keep her house in order. Things in life happen and as a family you deal with them. It's no one else's business it's family. I'm sure you read this and take nothing in because your sponge of a brain does not allow truth and facts in or reasoning to reality.

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Posted by LovelyLisa (not verified) on 5 September 2008 - 12:35am
I don't know what you're rambling about

You throw up one straw-woman after another to knock down. Does it make you feel better?


You're obviously not paying attention.

I don't care about "working hard" -- everybody works hard. How does that qualify her to be President? She doesn't even know what the VP does! She doesn't even know what the Pledge is!

And we're not supposed to ask her questions? What the fuck is that? Our politicians work for us. They damned well better answer our questions!

Your ramblings are so sad. You'd think thinking was a sin.

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Posted by media girl on 5 September 2008 - 10:31am
Girlfriends vs Wives

Good observation. I wonder if this sort of explains why Palin gets the Grand Old Patriarchy's knickers in such a twist? Remember back when Big Daddy Bush was in power, a sweet, young thing named Laura Ingraham got the same reaction. She was a gun-toting, boy-friend stalking, nut job, but she got a lot of coverage and Republican love when she was photographed in a leopard mini-skirt.
Appears that these folks like wives to be sweet, supportive, and Stepford, ready to stand BEHIND their man. On the other hand it is okay and even preferred for the "girlfriend" to be a "pitbull in lipstick". Look at the other "Girl O'Reillys"; Laura Schlessinger, Ann Coulter, etc. I have such a hard time understanding how the Neo/Theocons reconcile this dichotomy but then they also believe a lot of other crap like creationism and trickle-down economics

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Posted by Kathy the Librarian (not verified) on 6 September 2008 - 1:32am
Apparently she's more

Apparently she's more popular with GOP men than GOP women. Interesting, that. Maybe the men see what McCain sees?

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Posted by media girl on 7 September 2008 - 3:16pm
Patriarchy's Girlfriend

I love it...brilliant...want to steal it for my next (I hope/think) multimedia assault on patriarchy, wherein I attempt to deliver a very different kind of sex ed via the internet...

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Posted by Madama Ambi (not verified) on 7 September 2008 - 6:27pm