Passport breaches ain't nothing compared to Real ID


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Real ID

I work at a state DMV. We have already been scanning most or all of the supporting docs you named. Law Enforcement can't see the copies tho', at least not under the present system. They can see your current license and vehicle registration information, as well as your current photo on file (a recent addition).

Real ID is a good concept, in that more consistency among state-issued docs will mean less fraudulent docs passing for the real thing. But to have it implemented by Homeland Security, which is already overwhelmed by its current responsibilities with immigration and emergency management, is insane!

And yes, I agree that Law Enforcement should NOT have access to all the data that DMV has on file...too much potential for misuse!

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Posted by nofriesplease (not verified) on 22 March 2008 - 3:57pm