News media spin US intelligence assessment of national security into political brinksmanship


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Democrats reactions vs "The Story"

The agencies are neglecting to get Democratic views on the rest of the report the part where it is determined that leaving at this time would be even more harmful.

Good point on the way the report, or "parts" of the report are reacted to, instead of the report itself. The FULL report.

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Posted by susan (not verified) on 25 September 2006 - 11:58am
Statement by the Director of National Intelligence

The Director of National Intelligence did issue a statement yesterday, and amazingly enough, when read in full, it doesn't say anything near what the reports have been.






SEPTEMBER 24, 2006

Statement by the Director of National Intelligence, John D. Negroponte, in response to news reports about the National Intelligence Estimate on Trends in Global Terrorism

"A National Intelligence Estimate is a comprehensive assessment comprised of a series of judgments which are based on the best intelligence our government develops. Characterizing only a small handful of those judgments distorts the broad strategic framework the NIE is assessing . in this case, trends in global terrorism.

"Although the NIE on Global Terrorism is still a classified document, I and other senior intelligence officials have spoken publicly, and in a way consistent with the NIE’s comprehensive assessment, about the challenges and successes we have had in the Global War on Terror. What we have said, time and again, is that while there is much that remains to be done in the war on terror, we have achieved some notable successes against the global jihadist threat.

"We have eliminated much of the leadership that presided over al Qaeda -- our top global terror concern . in 2001, and U.S.-led counterterrorism efforts continued to disrupt its operations, remove its leaders and deplete its cadre. The Estimate highlights the importance of the outcome in Iraq on the future of global jihadism, judging that should the Iraqi people prevail in establishing a stable political

and security environment, the jihadists will be perceived to have failed and fewer jihadists will leave Iraq determined to carry on the fight elsewhere.

"Those statements do nothing to undermine the assessment that we have an enormous and constantly mutating struggle before us in the long war on terror. They simply demonstrate that the conclusions of the Intelligence Community are designed to be comprehensive and viewing them through the narrow prism of a fraction of judgments distorts the broad framework they create."

Statement can be found here:

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Posted by susan (not verified) on 25 September 2006 - 1:24pm
Oh yes, it's very surprising

...that the Bush Administration spins its own performance as well.

What we don't see much of is any factual reporting, with fact-checking and bullshit detection. The right wing (largely) has successfully intimidated the mainstream media into truth agnosticism. Thus any bullshit anyone says is a fact, and the truth behind it is considered "unbalanced."

Noooooo, we don't want to report on the absence of WMD.

Noooooo, we don't want to report on the melting icecaps and glaciers.

Noooooo, we don't want to report on all the missing money and incomplete projects by Halliburton.

Noooooo, we don't want to report on, well, anything that isn't being said by a politician.

If it doesn't spin, it's not fit to print. Apparently.

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Posted by media girl on 25 September 2006 - 7:58pm