Missouri legislature introduces bill to establish Dominionist government


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Other Majority Resolutions

Missouri may also want to pass some other resolutions:

Majority Race: White

Majority Political Party: Republican

Majority Pass Time: TV

Majority Beverage: Beer

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Posted by Matsu on 3 March 2006 - 4:42pm

It's only a resolution, not a bill ... but still. Ick.


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Posted by pennywit on 3 March 2006 - 7:03pm
Dominionists or Demonists ?

Dominionists or Demonists ?

I personally object to these kinds of pseudo-religious activities. Plus it has always been a dictum of Western Life to avoid mixing religion and politics. Doing so is not always done in the extreme -- like Nazi Reich Bishops-- but tragic consequences can still result. What was the "trigger" for the Thirty Years War? The debate over adult verses infant baptism. Or the question: "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" was a political question in its own time --a test for political correctness.

I personally am morally offended, even apalled, about the Evil-gelicals. Why? Because in the church I grew up in, religion was something to be taken very seriously. Not a "feel good"/"share the feeling" party. So in preparation for Confirmation, we had to learn a little about how the Bible/New Testament was put together. For example, as I remember, there were eleven or twelve "versions" of Matthew (or one of the other basic books) that had to be selected from. That everything "christian" -- including writings and letters and personal letters-- had been so persecuted that a "reconstruction" of three-hundred year old events had to be "finalized" in the 4th Century. (You can read this in Eusabius' "History of the Church") So, to counter just one modern claim, there never was an inspired work. (Remember the 'criticism': "can't god inspire the same story the same way twice?")

But another thing we were taught was "watchout for what the Devil says" in the Bible. To wit, reading through Matthew, Mark and Luke and keeping track of who says what:

Bible says, Satan says, "son of god"

Bible says, possessed people say, "son of god"

Bible says, Satan-Simon says, "son of god" --which is why Jesus calls Simon-Peter a "satan" ('Get behind me, Satan', Matthew version)

Bible says, a cloud, a boat-load of sailors, say "son of god"

Plus the scenes in the Bible are different in each book...trip up the mountatin, "who do you say I am", and so forth.

Then there is the opening of Mark, but the only other "son of god" quotes in his book are Satan and the "possessed". And that "Mark" came from the "Secret Book of Mark" --quoted and described by Polycarp and others-- which say that two/three verses were deleted to form "Mark" because they always were considered homosexual inuendo or acts. So "Mark" -if these were included now- would be a self-proclaimed satanist with a homosexual agenda. (Jesus was smeared by a lot of people !)

As for the "Book of John", which in some seminaries is called the "problem of John", satanic themes are mixed in with 1st Commandement themes and John contradicts itself within chapters and across chapters.

And the murder/persecutor Saul-Paul (Acts). In short, his "do evil" dictum at Romans Chapter three demonstrates how enthusiastic he was for the Words of the Devil. So the "road to Damascus" is the "road to Hell".

So for us, what Missouri has done is to advance the cause of Satanism

because Bible Says, Satan Says, "son of god".

For the minority who think Jesus was "god", why would the God of Noah and Abraham and Moses break His own 2nd Commandment (Exodus 20 --no graven images).

I think I am going to be a Democrat for a good long while! <--a political reaction to religous themes similar to the above.

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Posted by Gary Ander (not verified) on 4 March 2006 - 2:37pm
Don't look now

...but the Democrats are moving in the same direction. One of the sponsors of the SD bill, for example, is a Democrat.

(BTW, no need to shout here.)

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Posted by media girl on 4 March 2006 - 4:21pm

I just read on MSN that parents in a Missouri town had complained about a book in the children's section of the library about two male penguins nurturing an egg and raising the chick together. Supposedly this has homosexual overtones. (True zoo story) Good Grief.

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Posted by Lynne (not verified) on 5 March 2006 - 11:18am
A link on the penguins
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Posted by media girl on 5 March 2006 - 11:56am