Just one more reason why I will not vote for Condi if she runs


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Rice has proven that we cannot depend upon race or sex as a determinant that a politician will necessarily have a more enlightened perspective, even as we obviously need more women and minority representation in politics. As an example I'll use Rice's position on Zimbabwe. Whites owned 74% of the land and virtually all the good land. Mugabe tried to turn the land over to the landless 90% of the black population. The EC, under the encouragement of England (which has close cultural, political and economic ties to the White elite) and other Western trade and political groups wanted to drive Mugabe from office and halt land reform. Rather than playing a constructive role Condoleeza (who allegedly was "especially concerned" about fairness and development in Africa) placed the US even further to the right, attempting to pressure the nation into a change of government. More of her "leadership".

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Posted by miamista (not verified) on 18 July 2006 - 5:59am