It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Party


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Lies, Damn Lies and Rahm Emmanuel
  • Bogus Polls
  • Shit loads of money
  • Empty suit endorsement from empty suit politicians (Obama is a TRUE dissappointment to say the least, too much Clinton fever
  • Coordination with right wing media
  • Coordination of the so called "librul" blogosphere... a blackout and its implicit acquiescence (it is difficult to crash the gates...when you are calling Emmanuel's office daily)

Recipe for failure... win or lose Cegelis this just shows extent of that FALSE LEADERSHIP of the Democratic party. Cegelis was out fund raised 10 to 1!!!!

But people are finally catching on... and most importantly it give full light to the lies bantered about on electablity and now we see the Lies, Damn Lies and Rahm Emmanuel for what they really are ...REPUBLICANS IN DEM CLOTHING.

I know that the public memory is quite short but take a walk down memory lane to the Hackett campaign... now in light of Cegelis's numbers... she did not even have the national exposure of Hackett... I guess you can see why Emmanual enlisted the aid of the big blox blogs to ensure that there was NO PRIMARY... Brown didn't have a chance...of winning the primary which is why he is now 12 points behind Dewine...

Alas, the blogosphere suffers from ADD and has since moved on to more blogad enriched pastures...

How come Kos and Jerome haven't made a peep about Brown and his plummetting polls numbers now that Hackett is out of the race... doesn't the Pottery Barn Principle appy to the bloggers who participated in the Hackett take down...????



Yeah didn't think much for wanting to "WIN" at all cost.

The list goes on and on of REAL Progessives (not those who just play them in blogs) those pushed out by Rahm and Reid (I guess this is the whole trumped up blogswarm distraction with Pelosi... to cover for these assholes):

* Hackett (Ohio)

* Miles (Colorado)

* Morrison (Texas)

* Pennachio (Penn... they have even brought in wringer to split the progressive vote [Sandler])

... yeah there is no way these people can win.... just ask Sherrod Brown... hell ask Kerry.

Heh... now the back street blog boyos are using the DC Dems WMD excuse "We waz lied to"

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Posted by parker (not verified) on 22 March 2006 - 10:59am
Activist = GOP Troll ... new DLC meme

This meme activist as GOP troll seems to be popping up all over. Not surprising the front pagers of Orange Square are dutifully taking orders from DC.

Democratic Committeeperson Challenges

I recieved two letters via email today concerning what's going on in the Democratic Party here in Philadelphia. The Dem leadership of this city is worried. They are panicking. They are calling the people who want to get involved in the Democratic process "outsiders" and "Republicans" and I know I may be an outsider, but I am no Republican outsider.

sad Demos holding on to their fiefdoms for dear life.

30th Ward Democratic Committee

2213 Naundain Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146

P xxx-xxx-xxxx F xxx-xxx-xxxx

Terry Gillen, Ward Leader

James Burks, Ward Chair

March 12, 2006

Dear Fellow Committeeperson:

I wanted to pass along a letter from the Chairman of our Democratic Party, Bob Brady. He is concerned that many committeeperson throughout the City are being challenged by outsiders who are trying to created division within the Democratic Party and within some of our wards and divisions. I personally believe that some of the people who are doing this are working hand in hand with the republican [sic] Party.

This week, some committeepeople may receive a notice that their petition is being challenged in court. If you receive this notice, let me assure you that Bob and I and the Democratic Party will go to court and fight to make sure that you can run for reelection. Democratic Party lawyers will argue your case for free in order to keep your name on the ballot. We will do this because we all need to stick together and fight these people who want to divide us.

Let me know as soon as soon as possible if you receive a legal challenge of if you believe that someone is trying to remove your name from the ballot.

If we stick together we can stay strong. We won't play into the Republicans' hands and allow anyone to divide us!



Terry Gillen



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Posted by parker (not verified) on 22 March 2006 - 12:15pm
Oh, MG...

...Look at Ralph Nader. Most of his supporters wouldn't have voted at all if he weren't running. (That's why he didn't spoil Gore's victory.)

If you're ever in PDX, can I buy you a beer ?

I should quit while I'm ahead, but I feel the need to point out that the very reason Gore feels free to say the things he has lately is precisely because he's not running. Once a Dem's hat is in the ring, corporate backers must be catered to, and then the prog-cake makeup slides off in relatively short order. >:

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Posted by alsis39.75 (not verified) on 22 March 2006 - 11:40pm
I have no idea what pdx is

But yes. But I prefer European beers. Typical librul, eh?

I think you're right about Gore. Nothing lets a politician speak out than not running for office.

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Posted by media girl on 23 March 2006 - 12:05am
PDX Portland (OR)

just so you know where you're going ...

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Posted by dblhelix (not verified) on 23 March 2006 - 12:39am
Kos Hearts Redstate

The bruhaha of a Redstater writing for WaPO is the latest example of Kos "Crashing the Gates". Now how can these people be up in arms when just fucking last week Kos front paged to "friendship" with Redstate... TWICE!!!

He and his bud even co wrote a letter putting their logos together... Redstate was the top and Kos was the bottom.

If the world were seen through the Trained Hamsters eyes from Firedog lake then everyone should be up in arms against Kos. As the Trained Hamster has equivocated every misdeed of Lieberman is now the fault of NARAL because they endorsing him. Therefore should we assume too that Kos is to blame for WaPo putting his best buds twitterings in their column becuase he gave Redstate cred in the so called librul blogosphere.

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Posted by parker (not verified) on 23 March 2006 - 2:27am
"Kos was at the bottom"

right where he likes it, helper monkey to rightwing destruction of the civil sphere, emulating his hero, that hack Harry Reid.

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 23 March 2006 - 10:35am