If our leaders "could never envision" the Iraq mess, then what are they doing in office?


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Band of Blatherers

After listening to the apologists for the War in Iraq, I have come to think of them as the Band of Blatherers.

We learned nothing from Vietnam. I am cautioned by some of my political friends to not rush to compare Vietnam and Iraq, but at one point it is so similar that to not make the comparison takes work.

We have a Defense Secretary (what they used to call the Secretary of War) who cannot get past his own hype - Rumsfelt and McNamara. We have a President who seems unable to deal with the war and whose popularity is plummeting - Bush and Johnson. We are told pulling out would be a disaster and that victory is just around the corner. We are holed up in the capital city Baghdad and Saigon and having trouble in pacification of the outlying areas.

And one more thing. There was a moment in the Vietnam War and in now in the Iraq War where, without any sort of special proclamation -- almost in a Zen-like way -- a flash of enlightenment swept over the American people like a wave and people just flipped in thinking the war was good to the position where they knew the war was pointless.

The American people, ever since the stalemate in Korea, have wanted some sort of mass-psychological vindication. We have had our own adventurism in Latin America and elsewhere, but there is a kind of chip on the collective shoulders of some segments of the American populace that used Vietnam to overcome the malise following Korea, and now Iraq is sounding like a way to emotionally compensate for Vietnam.

media girl pointed out that Iraq was the one point where Americans should have overcome these dark internalized feelings of inadequacy.

The pattern seems almost neurotic - take on a small power, move in, then struggle figuring out who among the people is friendly and who is not, and then being unable to let go because if we did leave, it would have shown what a mistake it was to begin with. America's President called for regime change in Iraq. The American people are slowly coming to understand that the Administration cannot seem to end this war. Perhaps the voters will understand the Iraq War will finally end when they voters get regime change in 2006 and 2008.

Until then, the band blathers on.

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Posted by Matsu on 5 August 2006 - 9:53am