I righteously wring my hands over the morality of your private decisions


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It takes a woman as well as

It takes a woman as well as a man to create life.

Does the man get no say in what happens to the life he has helped create? It's half his.

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Posted by rayd (not verified) on 3 February 2006 - 9:31pm
What is half his?

The woman's womb? All a man has to do is spill some seed and he gets squatter's rights over a woman's body?

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Posted by media girl on 3 February 2006 - 10:57pm
Yeah, nothing I say will

Yeah, nothing I say will convince you of shit, but think about who has to carry the kid, that would be the woman, suffering the pain and complications of pregnancy, while the man does shit...So unless men start being able to carry babies, they can deal with women making their own descisions. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp, really, if you think about what's fair to the woman. THE ONE WHO MIGHT DIE FROM COMPLICATIONS FROM PREGNANCY. And that could happen to her. Pregnancy is not a walk in the fucking park and men who have never had to deal with that reality can come to the same ignorant conclusion that you do.

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Posted by anashi (not verified) on 3 February 2006 - 10:57pm
"it's half his"

always boils down to some kind of egoistic property rights with you types, doesn't it.

A man makes his choice when he shoots his load. He's surrendered his power and his choices at that point. After that, he either acts honorably and supports HER decisions, whatever they are, or he acts as men have since time immemorial and treats her like his property, to keep or discard.

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 4 February 2006 - 9:41am
Naral... deleted...

Naral... deleted... Pollit's... comments... on... abortion...

Oh-KAY. (Sorry for that Shatner-esque moment.) I am absolutely dumbfounded. I've hated NARAL since 2000 for their gleeful hatchet job on Nader, and yet I'm still dumbfounded. Time for an organized mass-exodous from their useless chickenshit lobby to some group like Keep Your Laws Off My Body, perhaps ?...

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Posted by alsis39.5 (not verified) on 5 February 2006 - 6:24pm
women's provisional rights

Thanks mediagirl, your great post relates also to my rebuttal to William Saletan that you posted last week (thanks!). In my opinion, he and many other men suffer, perhaps unconsciously, from the disease of presumed male power and privilege, especially as it relates to controlling women's sexuality. Because abortion is something only women need, and because it's evidence of women's automony and sexual power, people arrogate the right to address the "irresponsibility" that leads to it - on the Right by restricting women's freedom and sexual expression, and on the Left by putting women on birth control. Of course birth control is, on the whole, a good thing and quite liberating for women, but the way that Saletan presented it as a solution just smelled to me like another way of controlling women, arising from a negative and paternalistic judgement of female behavior. I.e., something that only women need (fertility control) is seen as some kind of scary thing that needs to be controlled or denied, instead of the no-brainer it is - a basic fundamental human right.

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Posted by Joyce (not verified) on 6 February 2006 - 4:33pm