Hillary Clinton wins. Media much relieved.


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thats what happens when folk

thats what happens when folk vote their conscious, i mean its cool to say u will vote for a black man, but in your heart, u call a spade a spade... but on the real, when will they (dem and GOP horses) really discuss iraq ....the new efforts and focus on surge and money will not work . sunni or latter

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Posted by rawdawgbuffalo (not verified) on 11 January 2008 - 10:05pm
Crocodile tears

I guess I'm lucky in being an impartial (albeit slightly worried) observer of the latest election circus, but I'm still amazed by the way the voting public was swayed by a show of tears. For crying out loud, Nixon cried... and look what you ended up with there.

What concerns me more, however, is the fact that the Democratic race (which will come down to whoever has the most money will win anyway) seems to be geared along the lines of deciding is the US is more sexist or more racist. From my corner of the world, it looks like a no-win situation to me.

Luckily, whatever happens, it still means that soon we'll be able to see Bush on TV and go "Who?"

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Posted by psygremlin on 14 January 2008 - 4:02am
Haven't you been watching

Haven't you been watching the returns? Money isn't making the difference. Something else is, and the television media are quietly freaking out. After all, if you don't need to buy the most tv ads to win, then what will happen to the networks' bottom lines?

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Posted by media girl on 15 January 2008 - 2:10pm