The headbutt heard (and talked about and hashed over and ranted about) 'round the world


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the waning appeal of soccer

As a good liberal, global-minded American progressive I should take an interest in soccer. In fact I have tried to watch it, tried to get excited about it but it just ain't going to happen. Watching people run up and down a huge field for two hours and it could all just end in a draw? I think there is something in the American personality that discards games in which there is no clear winner in the end.

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Posted by kosmicslop (not verified) on 15 July 2006 - 1:39am
No surprise

There was not a butting of heads. He head-butted his opponent in the chest. While it was a completely violent, inappropriate thing to do, it was not a surprise. Soccer is totally violent, and that includes the fans. And it's getting worse.

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Posted by Diaine (not verified) on 17 July 2006 - 1:01pm