Giuliani supports Homophobia Amendment to U.S. Constitution


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giuliani supports homophobia

All politians flip-flop on the issues(democrats as well as republicans) All I ever see is attention being called to the republicans. Try to have a balanced approach. I am new to this web-site. I signed up to learn about songs that degrade women so I can go to the middle/high schools that my children attend and ask them not to play them at school dances. Most of what I see on your blog is the same old republican bashing that is everywhere. I'd love some more education on things that really degrade my teenage daughters. I do respect your right to have an opinion, please respect mine.


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Posted by BrendaP on 27 October 2007 - 12:01pm
If you see "republican bashing"

...then you seem to embrace the republican victim mindset that is so prevalent today.

Sorry, but the Republicans have it coming to them. They've been in power, and they've done fucked up big time -- about as bad as it's ever been in this country. These men are scary, and Giuliani is about as scary as any of them, except maybe Romney. If it weren't real, you'd think they were doing a Saturday Night Live sketch about running for president of Russia or something.

Read what you like. We have a number of people registered on this site, and at different times quite a few women have blogged here. I am but one.

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Posted by media girl on 5 November 2007 - 8:58pm