Conservatives, media target Giuliani, loaded for bear


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Don't you think this: "the Dominion-minded Sam Brownback" is a little unfair? Would you care to back up your allegation?

While I agree with your assessment of RINOs like Guiliani, Romney and the laughable McCain, I think you're buying into MSM spin (or non-coverage) of Sam Brownback.

On one thing we do agree however. Hillary Clinton is at best 4th overall if I had to choose among the Democrat candidates. Obama is much more interesting than another Clinton.

I hope you visit Blogs4Brownback and reconsider your fear of him. He's a principled conservative in many ways that President Bush is not. Liberals and conservatives can work together. It's just that the GOP doesn't seem to be interested in conservatives any more.

Just my 2 cents.

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Posted by Psycheout (not verified) on 10 March 2007 - 7:01pm
I don't go by spin, but by his own words

...and every time he starts talking about things like "faith-based prisons," I just roll my eyes. "Principled conservative"? What is that supposed to mean? Anyone who wants to mix religion into government not on an individual basis but on an institutional basis doesn't understand the Constitution, and certainly does not honor the roots of conservatism in America. A bigger and stronger government that lords it over the people with Bible in hand is not a principled concept to me, unless you want to put it into the context of early brownshirt rallies.

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Posted by media girl on 10 March 2007 - 8:05pm