Clinton wins enough to keep nomination theft alive


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And Florida is theft times 2

I'm with you on this mediagirl. Over at they are laying the foundation for the big steal, claiming "Senator Clinton won decisive victories in both Florida and Michigan in January and is entitled to the delegates she won from those states."

To a registered Florida Democrat who has supported Obama for a long time, a statement like that makes the blood boil in a 'quit the party forever' kind of way. I'll give you two reasons that Clinton 'won' Florida: my wife and I. We didn't vote in the Florida primary. Why? because the DNC said it wouldn't count and our candidate respected that.

Leaving aside conspiracy theories about Florida Democrats determined to keep Republicans in power (as in 2000 and 2004) it will be too ironic for words if Hillary gets the nomination via those delegates. I am sure that will lose her Florida, and the White House, in the Fall.

A few months ago I heard someone speculate that the Clinton strategy is to win, or wound Obama so bad that, if Obama gets the nod, McCain will easily beat him, thus giving Hillary a clear shot at 2012. Back then I thought such an idea was ridiculous. After the last few weeks, not so much.

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Posted by Stephen Cobb (not verified) on 25 April 2008 - 11:56am
if clinton wants to lie she

if clinton wants to lie she has the right its her mouth and it aint none of your business whether she lies or tells the truth so get over it and stop talking about it

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Posted by nunya (not verified) on 26 April 2008 - 3:20pm