Bush promises pie in the sky, and plenty of war beyond his presidential term


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Where To Find Answers

Just because I can't find the answers...

1) G Bush senior - 1994 Irag, because of Kuwait

Did Kuwait GIVE us oil, perhaps at a discounted rate? Or did we the taxpayers pay to rebuild them?

2) Weapons of Mass Destruction? But why weren't long range missles noticed in Lebanon...aimmed at Israel?

3) Iraq Oil Reserves/Supplies THEY need taxpayer money to rebuild?

Dental supplies in the millions, no dental offices, but they have xray machines...Thankyou USTaxpayers

I guess I'm curious, we are paying outrageous prices for oil, and to pay for the war that defends them, do you think maybe we could get a discount?

My guess, if we argue with Iran long enough, maybe rescue Iranians from ABadman, they wouldn't give us a break either...


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Posted by Jane on 31 August 2006 - 11:58am