Bush draws line: aides won't swear to tell the truth


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Not Partisan

Keep in mind it was the US Attorneys appointed by Bush who testified and opened this Pandora's Box. This is not partisan politics. In a way, the using US Attorneys for political purposes, for what the White House wanted, fell into the Dems laps. But it's the White House that is now making this a partisan battle. Shoot the messenger. We can only hope it doesn't scare the current Congress and they pursue these firings under oath even if it has to go to the Supreme Court for a ruling.

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Posted by Zoey & Me (not verified) on 21 March 2007 - 3:30pm
Thank goodness

At least Leahy isn't buying it. Meanwhile, Sen. "I'm A Moderate I Just Rollover And Do What The White House Says After I Act All Tough" Specter is trying to crawl further up the administration's butt. Everybody keeps saying, "This could force a constitutional showdown" like that's so scary and all. We NEED a freakin' constitutional showdown. The administration got to shred the Constitution for six years. I would LOVE a constitutional showdown. Especially all precedent points to the White House losing this one (though you can't trust a court that's been packed by Bush with rationalizers and dishonest characters like the present SCOTUS).

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Posted by DBK (not verified) on 23 March 2007 - 11:28am
Media girl is right

Media girl is right!

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Posted by houseofpolitics (not verified) on 24 March 2007 - 3:26am
WTF is a "partisan fishing expedition"?

And how was he able to keep a straight face while talking about "honorable public servants"?

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Posted by The Truffle (not verified) on 28 March 2007 - 10:10am
I think it's anything

...that questions the Divine Right of Presidents.

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Posted by media girl on 30 March 2007 - 8:47am