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This is deeply un-hip, but thanks!

I know it's deeply un-hip to say this, but it's a big charge for me to discover I've been linked to by MG.

Thanks for the link-love.


- Sour Duck

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Posted by Sour Duck on 23 February 2006 - 7:28pm
We've missed you here

...since you've moved on to greener pastures. It's fabulous to see you FPing there!

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Posted by media girl on 23 February 2006 - 8:47pm

Because of the women of South Dakota, and the fact that they may soon be seeking illegal abortions or attempting to use unsafe methods of inducing miscarriage, I have written step-by-step instructions in my blog for anyone wishing to set up an illegal abortion clinic -- after an initial capital outlay costing no more than $2000, the setup could handle abortions for at least a year, allowing women safe, low-cost abortions.

The step by step instructions should be simple for anyone with a good grasp of women's anatomy.

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Posted by Molly (not verified) on 23 February 2006 - 11:10pm
They can't WAIT to overturn Roe!

Flush with their "majority" on the Supreme Court, the right wing is going to push hard to undercut progressive legislation.

The 2006 elections are coming and cases heard this session at the Supreme Court will trickle out during the coming year as many elected officials stand up for re-election. If Roe is over-turned or crippled, the voters will have time to register their opinions on the matter at the ballot box.

For example, if a South Dakota legislator is on the wrong side of the things, he/she might face a backlash at the polls - or not.

People may come to the conclusion that the three branches of government, when run by the same set of ideologues, may not be quite what they want. The problem remains, the Democrats who seem unable to articulate an alternative vision.

Time will tell.

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Posted by Matsu on 24 February 2006 - 11:11am
Will women speak up??

I just read that there is 1 abortion for 2.25 live births. women (though not all pro-choice) make up the majority of gender in the US and there are plenty of men who agree with the right to choose.

Where is the overall outrage? I just don't see the alarm that should be present. Do the women who've used this right to choose think that they got theirs and whatever happens from here is someone else's problem? Or are they (more likely) so poor and disenfranchised that getting vocal is the last thing they can do right now?

I'm afraid.

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Posted by gballsout on 25 February 2006 - 10:51am
I agree...

Where is the overall outrage? I just don't see the alarm that should be present

I agree. I worry too few will rise up. Of course some are

s l o w l y waking up... and learning that all the soft soap from Democrats for years was bubbles... but I fear too few will actually even care - at all....

And too few young women vote. A big problem...

I fear that not only will wealthy women abandon the poor (nothing new!) and those in Red States but so will middle class women. And the Democrats are utterly unreliable on the issue. The Red State Dems and too many Blue Staters are easy confederates of the Right.

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Posted by Marisacat on 25 February 2006 - 11:51am