Betty Friedan - the passing parade, and thoughts on those who took us to the mountain top.


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I am a proud asian feminist, always have been and always will be. My father and mother always let me know I was a whole person, and born on this planet to be whatever I wanted. My parents, as I grew older and more aware, also let me know that there were still hurdles I would face simply because I was female, but that I had the strength to overcome and not be limited by society. They also encouraged me to stand up and fight for my rights and what I believed in. My dad even sat down with me and gave me protesting advice (he was a peace activist back in the day), and was worried about me but also proud that I was standing up for what I believed in (which my parents felt was my right and duty).

I have real issues with women that are "proud" to NOT be a feminist- they have no idea that their rights that they exercise are ones that have been fought for by feminists in the past. I especially have an ire for successful women like Ann Coulter, who wouldn't even have an education or a career had it not been for feminists in the past.

RIP, Betty. I haven't always agreed with her, but I am proud to be part of a movement worldwide of strong, intelligent women defying our status as second class citizens.

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Posted by Catty (not verified) on 6 February 2006 - 12:44pm
I am a 2nd Wave feminist

And it angers me to see so many younger women throw the movement into the trash, distance themselves from it, or try to dilute it. We were insulted, assaulted, patronized, and worn down, but we kept marching, lobbying, writing, editorializing, and organizing. And what we went through is nothing compared to what our leaders went through. Gloria Steinem had to see her likeness in a "Pin the Cock on the Feminist" game in a porn magazine.

Because of us, women were able to get into law school and medical school without being constantly harrassed, sexually and otherwise, until they were driven out. We brought about credit reform, new rape laws, an end to many discriminatory organizations and traditions, Title IX, new police interview training, new hiring practices, and many other things that women now take for granted. We would have also given the nation the ERA if Jimmy Carter hadn't sold us out.

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Posted by Diane (not verified) on 6 February 2006 - 7:04pm
Why "we" feminists/wimmin are still not free...

It'll be hard for wimmin of the third wave to actually benefit from the work done by second wave feminists until we collectively decide to continue broadening the nature of feminism. It's been said more clearly and articulately by other feminists, but I'll say it again, the vast majority of wimmin, even truly revolutionary wimmin are positioned by the feminist movement itself as being not worthy of note, not worthy of attention, not worthy of alliance. So, why are we not free, because many of us are still experiencing exclusion, torment and oppression at the hands of our feminist "sistren". When the movement moves to embrace all wimmin, fights on behalf of all warrior wimmin who are conscientized and willing to rebel, then "we" will all be able to join and fight for our rights.

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Posted by darkdaughta (not verified) on 9 February 2006 - 3:10pm