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So who blew Armando?

He is now so fluffy and puffy as these poodles.

This farce is beyond comical it is now down right sad:

Armando fluffs and puff his poodly little heart out

The other defeatism is coming from the Left blogosphere. It is the knee jerk reaction of some to condemn Democrats before they have even decided on the issue. This is defeatism of a very dangerous sort. Why? Because it makes even a success a defeat.

Now, does this mean the fight is over? I say decidedly no. We must cajole, urge, fight with and plead with our Democratic Senators to do the right thing on principle and politically.

What we must NOT do is what too many in the blogs are already doing - declaring defeat; calling Dems cowards and worse; condemning them instead of cajoling them.

When we do this we declare defeat TODAY! IF we have lost already, there is no chance of success a week from now, a month from now. Senator Feingold has welcomed the fact that his resolution will be taken up in the Judiciary Committee. We should also. We should understand that only the first act of this drama has unfolded. There is more to come.

Declaring defeat NOW let's them off the hook now. It's not a question of trusting them, as one friend of mine wrote to me today. It's a question of understanding and thinking about what will be most effective in bringing pressure to bear on them in the battle to come.

I submit that declaring them a lost cause TODAY is not only not effective in this fight, it is harmful. Before we decry the defeatism of our Democratic officials it is best that we avoid it ourselves.

This reminds me of those smarmy info commercials for lawyers who want to take your insurance company to court. I find it irreprenhensible that you have to buy insurance only to pay one of there crooks to get your claim processed. This is how I see this whole bunch of ambulance chasers, Kos, Jerome, the Trained Hamster etc... they want us to pay them so they can shake down the politicians. Perhaps this is why they are so dead against real progressive politicians and consider voting fraud "ok"... real progressive pols and clean voting would leave them out of business and blog ads.

Why in the hell are these same people promoting Casey and any useless "fighting Dem" for office then freaking turn around and expect us to keep paying and pleading with these assholes to do their job in DC... go figure...time to buy my own damn opera glasses... this is getting interesting.

My gut feeling is that those "the Dem leadership" see a win/win situation... they have distanced the real progressives from the blogosphere and they have effectively muted the power of the blogosphere by sending Kos on wild goose chases and making him pubically flip flop for money. They would rather have the blogosphere monies dry up ... than go to the "wrong person" ie Hackett, Cegelis etc... that is far more dangerous... they can always hit up their friends in the corporations... but having millions of lose cash floating in the campaigns is more worrying... Lamonts defeat will substantially curtail online fundraising.

In my view the Reids and the Emmanuals see this fighting poodle as more of a nusance than a help... they will still used the idiots to tear down progressives and special interest groups but they are not making in headway with their so called "reform" which is basically impossible when you are in the pocket of those whom you are suppose to be reforming.

No wonder Kos is getting "rave reviews" for writing a book bashing womens orgs and NAACP without one peep against the DLC... seems that is the quickest way to make a buck in DC.

Had this last bruhaha been about NARAL... then they would have shown the world their tough little growls... like the little bitches they are... I see that the Trained Hamster didn't miss another opportunity to bash NARAL AGAIN.... the boyos are drooling over themselves to fp her. According to her rational because NARAL has endorsed Lieberman every misdeed he now does is an opportunity to attack NARAL... funny if that is the case then Kos is personally liable for his FP drooling of the racist, bigoted homophic Redstater... yeah... didn't think so... some bloggers are more equal than others.

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Posted by posdated (not verified) on 16 March 2006 - 9:49am
LOL lotta fake tizzy

on the blogs.

More interesting is when they DON't "step up" -- as in Durbin and the reading of the FBI FOIA cable - but! they were poised to attack when the apology the R demanded was given. Vicious attacks they were too...

Reid has a history of demanding that Dems apologise to the Republicans... Rockefeller to Roberts (over a running arguemnt last year over AG/torture issues) -- and his own apology for the doc naming 33 Repubs in the Abramoff mess. THAT was an interesting play, LOL.

That sort of work would make him what? In my book on his knees to the Republican interests... who do the blogs, Big Box blogs, love (on most days, but for fake tizzy), Reid, Hillpac, Rahm, Schumer...

tizzy work

Lotta Chinese Opera.

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Posted by Marisacat on 16 March 2006 - 12:21pm
Heartfelt sentiments from Stoller

The base is dispirited and unhappy, and if I had to guess, Democrats around the country are going to follow TX-28's lead and not vote.


Discuss the problem, and please propose solutions. And these solutions can't be in the form of 'Senate Democrats need to do XYZ' because Senate Dems aren't going to read or care about this thread. If you notice one of these types of comments, please troll-rate it.

I find this HYSTERICAL!!!! They are so completely clueless to their own arrogance.

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Posted by postdated (not verified) on 16 March 2006 - 12:46pm
image resized by me

My browser resolution is so wide, it had looked okay to me.

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Posted by media girl on 16 March 2006 - 2:52pm
oodles of poodles
someone said

What we must NOT do is what too many in the blogs are already doing - declaring defeat; calling Dems cowards and worse; condemning them instead of cajoling them.

well i'm going there. the senate democrats are beaten. they're whipped. they're cowards. they are completely defeated. they've failed us on alito and they've failed us on the bankruptcy bill and they're failing to stand behind the censure of george w. bush. the list goes on and on.


i condemn the senate "democratic leadership" (an oxymoron if there ever was one) and about half of the democratic senate members (depending of course, on the specific toadyist issue at hand).

i'm sure you've all seen this, but if you really want to get democrats on-board on a censure resolution they'll need to censure a democrat!

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) proposes a censure resolution in the United States Senate. Her target is the president. She does not flinch! And it must be over some really serious transgression, because the Senator's anger is palpable. Consider:
  • Whereas [the] president of the United States, deliberately misled and deceived the American people, and people in all branches of the United States government;
  • Whereas [the president's] conduct in this matter is unacceptable for a president of the United States, does demean the office of the president as well as the president himself, and creates disrespect for laws of the land;
  • Whereas [the president] fully deserves censure for engaging in such behavior;
  • Whereas future generations of Americans must know that such behavior is not only unacceptable but also bears grave consequences, including loss of integrity, trust and respect;

Arg! In case you haven't figured this out yet, here's one more clue:

  • Whereas William Jefferson Clinton, president of the United States, engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate employee in the White House, which was shameful, reckless and indefensible;

Yes, the year was 1999, the president was Bill Clinton and what he did with a woman not his wife was so odious that the Democratic Senator from California felt compelled to introduce a resolution to censure him over it.

look how the senate democrats duck-jumped that june bug.

there were 24 other sponsors who are still in the Senate -- 19 Dems, 4 GOPers and 1 GOPers turned Dem-friendly Independent. (Full list at the end of this post.)


Here’s the list of Dem and Independent Senators who backed censure for Clinton (S. Res. 44 in the 106th Congress) and have yet to back censure for Bush:

Daniel Akaka

Max Baucus

Byron Dorgan

Dick Durbin

Dianne Feinstein

Daniel Inouye

Jim Jeffords

Ted Kennedy

John Kerry

Herb Kohl

Mary Landrieu

Carl Levin

Joe Lieberman

Blanche Lincoln

Barbara Mikulski

Patty Murray

Jack Reed

Harry Reid

Jay Rockefeller

Chuck Schumer

Ron Wyden

Fast forward to 2006 and contrast Clinton's violation with the violations our present administration is making and witness the democratic senators in flight. They have the opportunity, the priviledge, of putting voice to the people's concern and outrage with this administration and it's acts.

come on, show us some spine.

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Posted by bayprairie on 16 March 2006 - 3:27pm
The Dems seem to be strongest

...when standing up against each other.

When it comes to standing up against the Republicans, they scatter like squirrels.

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Posted by media girl on 16 March 2006 - 7:27pm
oops postdated, the pic

is blowing the margins.... as long as no one ''replies'' to your comment, you can "edit". Can you resize to small? SOmething around 200 x 200


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Posted by Marisacat on 16 March 2006 - 2:03pm
No, Dems Are At Their Finest...

...when crushing anyone not a Dem. or Rep. That's when you really see the gloves come off.

Too late, too late, for DiFi's soul-- assuming that she ever had one. She is a despicable shill herself. Nothing but a sort of New Age Marie Antoinette. She has driven off Sheehan, but Todd Chretien remains and I hope he is a thorn in her designer-suited side all the way to November...

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Posted by alsis39.75 (not verified) on 17 March 2006 - 10:29am
Who let the Poodles out...yip....yip.yip....yip..yip

Is it me or are the trained poodles threaten a revolt to unleash the great unwash masses.

At this point, I suspect we won't make the predicted gains because most people feel helpless about the political situation in DC.

What every Democratic challenger should do at this point is run against DC. Not just against Republicans, but against the entire frickin' town. It's a mess. It's a disaster. Run against it. Run against Pelosi. Run against Frist. Run against DeLay. Run against Biden. Run against the Democratic consultants. Run against the whole lot of them.

Promise to shake shit up in DC, and maybe people will perk up. Maybe they'll decide they don't have better things to do on Election Day than trudging to the polls.

and more poodle attacks:

Ok this is not so realistic when the poodle then FPs Massa GOP extraordinaire.

Are these... not so veiled threats... if so then the poodles just confirmed what their true relationship is to the "DC Dems".... namely to keep a lid on the unwash masses... pay to play on his FP...

We don need no stinking FEC badges

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Posted by postdated (not verified) on 17 March 2006 - 5:14pm