Democrats practice political abstinence...


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Of course it was a crock

...but I am still glad Kerry and Kennedy did it.

Otherwise, this fucking game of metered low expectations and envitabilty would have left people still sleeping...and not feeling the pain of the real betrayal.

At least now people are angry, and see more clearly what a freaking farce Reid is as the leader of the Senate Dems.... if Kerry had not have pushed the button to raised expectations most people would have snoozed thru the hearing as was hoped by Reid and his minions. Looks like the capitualtion plan was to Rally the Troops on a book tour...with banners and buttons... Oh My.

Kerry can be a mean shit (I remember the primaries) and I suspect that he got great joy in putting a stick in the wheel of Reid's capitulation plan and watching him and other Dem tumble over their handle bars... Obama was sent out once again to calm the restless natives, other Dems overwhelmed by guilt or greed (same shit) jumped on the bandwagon.

However, just for the sheer joy of watching Dems trying wiggle their way out of this great big pile of capitulation shit ... and for the thousands of nasty angry letters, calls and emails sent today to the traitorous Dems .... I salute Kerry and Kennedy.

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Posted by postdated (not verified) on 31 January 2006 - 11:23am
Reid admits he is a waste of space.
Failed Filibuster Bid Worries Democrats

By John Stanton

Roll Call Staff

January 31, 2006

Although the Senate on Monday soundly defeated the 11th-hour decision by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) to push for a filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito, some Democrats worry privately that the failed filibuster could have long-term effects on the party's ability to regain control of the chamber in November....


Officially, Kerry's Democratic colleagues have avoided directly criticizing Kerry or addressing frustrations with its 2004 presidential candidate....Privately, however, many Democratic aides and lawmakers -- including those who adamantly oppose Alito's nomination -- expressed growing frustration with Kerry....


"While I don't think it will amount to a hill of beans in the end, the White House should send him a bouquet of flowers for this," one senior aide said, adding that "the timing couldn't have been worse ... for a Member like this to open us up to criticism of being a divided party."...


Although Kerry's announcement Friday, made while the he was on a trip to Switzerland, stating that he would champion liberal calls for a filibuster, won praise from hard-line Web loggers and left-leaning activists, it prompted significant hand-wringing by party officials.

Democratic aides in the Senate said that many within the party were particularly surprised, since Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had asked his colleagues not to attempt a filibuster, arguing that the party would be better served by focusing on the GOP's recent spate of ethics controversies and by trying to frame today's State of the Union address in a favorable way...."The story would have been that Reid kept 90 percent of the Democrats together, which would have been a great story," this source said.

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Posted by postdated (not verified) on 31 January 2006 - 6:42pm
I see the bastards

managed to drum up a meaningless 42 votes today, though.

Dead party walking. Please, please, please let the progressive politicians realize they need to walk away.

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 31 January 2006 - 12:28pm
They'll See the Need to Walk...

...If you'll only show them how. What did Malcolm X say about White folks ? Ah, yes. "Forsake the filthy swine." Start your own party. Stop giving them money. Send back their snowstorm of bullshit solicitations in their own postage-paid envelopes. Add some nasty messages in the space where your pledge amount used to be. Better yet, send a good snarky rant you write yourself, or one written by some sensible soul like Patricia Goldsmith, Brenda Baker, Nicole Colson or Margaret Kimberly. Start your own party. Re-register Socialist, Libertarian, Green or Independent. Email your erstwhile overlords and tell them they can forget about your vote unless they bolt along with you, no matter what they claim their platform is. Start your own party. Tell them you don't care anymore if they lose to Atilla the Fundie Hun by one fucking vote and that vote is yours. Tell them you want election reform, IRV or concordet voting, open primaries, mandatory paper ballots. Start your own party. Call up some TV cameras, tear up piles of Democrap literature and throw it in the fucking dumpster.

Did I mention that it might be time to start your own party ?

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Posted by alsis39 (not verified) on 31 January 2006 - 3:26pm
The cloture vote called the

The cloture vote called the bluff of pretend Democrats. Here in Colorado we already know about Salazar. That is why we took over the Colorado State Party last year from the Kinda's that supported him. In 2006 we will elect 2 new Dem folks to Congress including defeating Musgrave. The time to give to the Party is over. It is all about individual candidates. It does not take long to find a progressive Democrat candidate on some level. Find them, work for them,pony up a few bucks. If your Senator was one of the 17 just turn your back on them. If you campaigned for them and have any of their stuff, shred it and deliever it. The third party is the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Our efforts made a difference. Hell even DLC darlings Clinton and Biden voted no. I have and will outwalk, outtalk, out phone and out commit myself over mutant Bush/Falwell/Delay rabid MF's..A simple question to the frustrated folks,; If you are truly against this war how many times have you been arrested in protest against it. Google "Lakewood Dozen arrested" and you you find my name on my last arrest. Ghandi said "Be the Change" Until we become serious in our commitment we are just like the Dem Senators that did not want to take a chance. Buckle Up.. Compassion/Dignity/Truth..and don't forget to dance...Drew

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Posted by Drew Edmondson (not verified) on 31 January 2006 - 5:26pm
Veal Is Murder

"...The third party is the progressive wing of the Democratic Party..."

The Democratic Party is the progressive movement's designated veal pen. Dean cannot change that. Kucinich cannot change that. Twenty years ago, Jesse Jackson got closer than most, but he couldn't change it, either. The folks running the party hate progressives. You are a brainless, malleable version of an ATM machine to them. Nothing more.

You can keep the DP. I personally think that veal is gross.

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Posted by alsis39 (not verified) on 31 January 2006 - 8:00pm
Post-filibuster, antiVichy activism

Back to blogwhoring for justice:

First, I've cross-referenced the Dem Senators for and against the filibuster with who's up for reelection this year, and who's in the Gang of 14. (Hey -- everyone in the G14 voted for cloture! Hey -- if everyone up for reelection pandered to their base, we would have won!)

(I've also got links to a couple of challengers: Ned Lamont (vs Joementum) and Mark Wilson (vs. Cantwell). I'd appreciate people's thoughts about Wilson, in particular: is he the best guy to beat Cantwell in the primary and still win the general? Is Cantwell really a Vichy?)

Second, I REALLY wish that everyone who made millions of phone calls, emails and faxes to Senators before the cloture vote, would make at least a few - and hopefully more than a few - to praise those who did the right thing, and later to chastise those who didn't. I'm starting with the praise to the good guys. It's really important, both to retain the moral high ground (we say thank you to those who support us), AND TACTICALLY, because it reminds them that WE'RE STILL PAYING ATTENTION.

Please, please, make the thank you calls, and then we'll start making the screw you calls. I estimate we -- meaning everyone, Kos, MoveOn, NARAL, everyone -- turned out several hundred thousand phone calls against cloture. I'd like to crank out at least 50,000 thank yous over the next week or two.

As before, resources are over at my site, but go wherever you want for your info. I just want the calls to go out!


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Posted by Thersites (not verified) on 1 February 2006 - 12:12pm

History was "announced" on Kos because someone desperately needed to board the hype train. What tactical brillance, in one move become the online white knight and in turn shore up support for another bid. Great that Kerry supported a filibuster, but PURE POLITICAL CALCULATION. The next time Kerry waffles or fails, the sheep will cry "remember the filibuster". Kos knew, prior to the post, that it was coming- he immediately clarifed the authenticity. Sorry, I'm not that dumb. Kerry as accepted savior should serve as more proof that the blog is irrelevant, except for- give me a D, give me a E, give me a break.

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Posted by Stevo on 1 February 2006 - 9:39pm