Close the Damned Casket.


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We only have 44 Democrats.

--- This is your brain on Kool Aid.

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Posted by postdated (not verified) on 26 January 2006 - 5:59pm
LOL Thank Jesus... clearly

they just want Republicrats and Demlicans, as Connie Rice (Condi's cousin) says.... Whatever the R machine orders up, squishy little Dems work to deliver.

They like being in the out field.

Speaking of Koswhacks some of the biggests laughs in a while was Kos whines thinking Reid had "something up his sleeve" and was ''smiling''.

Talk about dreamland... without eyes or ears

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Posted by Marisacat on 26 January 2006 - 9:14pm
You want fries with that...
Whatever the R machine orders up, squishy little Dems work to deliver.

What...? You mean like Kos's front page attacks on Landrieu. The Senator that is trying to keep Lousiana out of the hands of the Republicans. The one who is being attacked directly from the White House....

Whereas, he pats Nelson and Byrd on their fannies for their political astuteness in sucking up to the GOP, who BTW neither are in no danger of losing their seats. Or how he didn't bother to abide by his own political rantings of his book and still promotes Casey knowing that Casey HAS PROMISED ONLY ONE VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATS FOR HOUSE LEADER AND THAT IS STILL QUESTIONABLE.

Jerome, please come back and learn us again on what it is to be "progressive"...

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Posted by Parker (not verified) on 27 January 2006 - 3:01am
stick a fork in it

that turkey's done.

caliberal has a moving comment on the letters and call she's also made, over at our word thats worth a read. here's the last third of it.

Casey, Schumer, Alito and more, by caliberal

I also called Senator Harry Reid's office inquiring if a filibuster was in the offing. This is how the call went:

The staff member in Reid's office told me there's no plan to launch a filibuster at this time. I told her there hasn't been a time when it was more important than it is now.

I told her many Democratic women will stay home before we vote for another Democrat if this party does not do the right thing by filibustering. I told her I've been a Democrat for almost 40 years, I've voted in every election since 1972 and I have always voted for Democrats. I told her she will not only lose my vote in 2006 and 2008 but they will lose my vote forever.

I told her many, many other Democrats feel the same way. I told her we need to know this party is as loyal to us as we are to them.

Then I told her to stop telling me, "I will pass this along" and instead answer my damned question on what will be important enough to filibuster if not Alito.

She then said, "I will pass this along." I said, "you are all going to pay a high price for this chickenshit response, pass that along."

The Democratic Party is shameless in their ability to take women for granted. They seriously think we will never call their bluff, that we will never walk away, that they are the only thing that's out there for us. What they fail to understand is that we no longer think of them as being there for us.

Like my other relationships that didn't work, I have no problem going forward without this party, I will walk away and I will never feel the urge to look back.

lets burn them in the voting booth.

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Posted by bayprairie on 27 January 2006 - 4:00am
ooo great post, will go read...

Thanks for posting an excerpt.

LOL I finally got thru to Feinstein's office two days after the IWR vote in 2002. I had been pretty sure she would be a yes, tho I had caught 15, count them 15, appearnces where she discussed it in the run up... that woman loves TV!... and I said,

''You cannot do this to us. Bit by bit it will be the end.''

The war blasted into sharp relief how wretched they have been for decades... and all that blather, foaming BushHate, but they cannot win against such a "dumb" president. Same tired scam they ran agaisnt Reagan. It was old long ago....

'06 will be interesting... ;)

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Posted by Marisacat on 27 January 2006 - 7:06am
There is NO Powder

They have already started the post mortems before they have even unplugged the respirator... of course still shilling for voting in more useless Democrats.

"Punches????"... What fucking punches...? This was a photo op.

These people physically make me sick to my stomach. To be so value-less and immoral as to make a fucking buck on the misery of others... the sins of these myopic little pricks will come back to haunt reap what you sow... I await the day that they are paraded thru the streets exhibited as the scumbags that they truly are.


It seems like the only use for the Democratic Party is for the Tomb Raiders. The only reason they want to be elected or part of the Democratic apparatus is to make money selling off the heritage of what use to be. They are nothing but a bunch of fucking grave robbers and there is no honor amongst thieves.

It is now clear that the party died long ago... it has been laying in a vegetative state for years, artificially kept alive so that the Tomb Raiders can keep collecting their checks and a free ticket to Washington from the Democratic base who have been hoodwinked into thinking that our elected officials actually give a shit about us or even Democracy, and they still have the audacity to beg people to vote for MORE OF THE SAME SHIT.

Don't believe in anything... they preach... just follow us... into the darkness...

The Tomb Raiders have made a cottage industry of raiding the tomb of the Democratic Party. They are like the swarms of thieves who raided the antiquities of Iraq's ancient Mesopotamian Heritage. Now that the cupboard is bare... the last wave of "Progressive" Dems(ie the Carvilles, Begalas and MacAuliffes) wiped it out, taking every last trinket and bauble.

Now the even the fixtures have been looted, the poor entering class of new "Progressives" are left with just selling off the values that the party was based on, the last bits of the Democratic Party's integrity that were once highly regarded and a beacon of "FAIRNESS AND EQUALITY" to the rest of the world... So they write their fucking books and blogs to selling off even the "idea" of Democracy itself.

The fucking buzzards.

It is no wonder that Jerome change the name of My Due Diligence to My Direct Democracy... due diligence is not wanted or you would see the rotting corpse of what was once the Democratic party and the jackals picking at it's bones... just plug in and tune out. They should call it

My Force Fed Propaganda.

Vote for ME to make ME rich should be the new motto of the "New Dems". These SOBs have turned the Democratic Party into a Whores Palace. They only about what they can PERSONALLY reap selling off bits of the party. If you are not selling a book or trying to become rich with a blog... there is no future for you in the party.

It seems that Salazar, another Kos Fighting Republican dEM was so concerned with the Constitution he sold it for the price of not being publically attacked by Dobson. At first I was skeptical about this story... but now I believe it ... because like Palov's little dog, Kos had a shiny new front pager today extolling the virtues of the Salazar the Sleazebag.

Scratch a liar find a thief.

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Posted by ademnomore (not verified) on 27 January 2006 - 12:08pm

***light Bic and wave above my head***

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 27 January 2006 - 1:00pm
How soon they forget



.The state of the Democratic Party...





It is unforgiveable... that the Dems did not not even put up a fight to save the Constitution. No going back to business as usual

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Posted by ademnomore (not verified) on 27 January 2006 - 3:05pm
So When And Where Does The New Building Go Up ?

Thank You for this, MG

I fell out with the Democrats in a big way in 2000. After 2004 and their disgraceful behavior, I took the pledge. Never again.

I mean it. And I hope you do, too. Because they don't believe that you'll really walk out, but I want so much for something newer and better than this perpetual shovelling of feminist time and energy down a rathole of opportunism.

I don't care for flowers and eulogies. They are a waste of time. When you are ready to begin the building, you have my email.

Best Wishes,


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Posted by alsis39 (not verified) on 31 January 2006 - 2:26am