Rihanna: "Umbrella"


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How the hell else is she

How the hell else is she supposed to dance with an umbrella? Have you ever tried to dance with an umbrella? You either hold it above your head or between your legs. There isn't much else to do with it. And if Rihanna didn't want to do the video as it was, she wouldn't have. If she didn't want Jay Z in the video or the song.. he wouldn't have been. If she wants to wear slutty clothes and be a sex symbol, more power to her.

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Posted by x3liar on 4 December 2007 - 7:11am

Rhianna was just a kid when that album came out. From what I can tell, she just wanted to sing and be famous. Jay-Z gave her that outlet. Although I agree with the previous comment about "what else could you do with an umbrella" everyone knew what they were doing. They wanted the video to be sexy. They wanted her image to be sexy. The good girl image in Pon de Replay was not making her famous. Her pimp, Jay-Z, knew exactly what to do!

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