Resident Evil: Extinction


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Pretty sad, isn't it? Have

Pretty sad, isn't it?

Have you seen Shooter? The only female character in that movie is more two dimensional than any other I can recall. She basically exists in the movie to add sexual tension and to get raped - giving the male lead an excuse to exact revenge on the person who did it in a gruesome way.

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Posted by Brian (not verified) on 26 October 2007 - 3:23pm
If you are dissatisfied with

If you are dissatisfied with the current movie industries terrible portrayals of women then I have a great short story for you. I would love to be made into a movie. It really idealizes the feminist ideals set in the future where the pinnacle is reached. Though clumsy in some spots probably a good cult classic could be reached out of it. Have a read.


"Are you male or female?" Jamie asked George. If he hadn't been at the Old Point Bar, he would never have dared to ask such a question.

Society had long decided that gender is only a social construct. Love should be based on compatibility and personality, not biology. Even showing curiosity about someone's gender could land you in jail, and the "sexual deviant" label would follow you for the rest of your life.

"I'm a female." George was wearing the form-hiding cover-alls most youths wore. Some of the females at the bar wore revealing, over-feminized clothes, and big wigs. Jamie figured George was new to the underground hetero scene.

"I'm a male." Said Jamie. "I haven't seen you around here before..."

"Sandy brought me. She, I mean he, is my peer counselor at school." Since the gender-revolution, all male pronouns had been eliminated. Everyone was a "she". It always took time for people to get used to differentiating between he and she.

"Sandy brought me here too. He has a good eye for heterosexuals. He's saved many souls from our genderless stereotypes." As Jamie said it, he could tell George was uncomfortable, even afraid. Being at a hetero bar was illegal, but raids were rare. Enough people in high places frequented such bars. "Have you ever been to a wedding? There is going to be one later tonight in the back room."

"A wedding? What's so unusual about that?"

"This is a wedding, wedding. Between a man and a woman, performed by a pastor. You know, the way they used to be." Most young people only knew modern weddings, where two or more people formalized their relationships by signing a co-habitation agreement. They were rare, but some people preferred to file joint tax returns, and share income and other resources. Most marriages lasted between one and five years, depending on the terms of the agreement.

"Actually, I have to go... my mom will be back from work at 9pm. " George was curious, but she still had some values. One thing to spend some time with heterosexuals, but another to see one of their sick ceremonies. George was way over her head. She got up and walked away.

The cool air hit her like a slap as she opened the door. Outside everything was normal. Once the door closed, she couldn't hear the music or the people. Everything was silent.

"What was I thinking?" She asked herself. She had always felt attracted to the stronger bigger kids. She had always had those nagging feelings since she was a girl. She knew these feelings were wrong, and she had always pretended they were not there.

How did she go from talking with Sandy about school problems, to actually going to a hetero bar??? Her mom would kill her if she found out.

Sandy walked to her car and drove home. Mom hadn't arrived yet. She was safe... for now.

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My grandfather and I were

My grandfather and I were watching Resident Evil: Extinction. Is it true that the movie was based on true story?

valentines day ideas

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