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I really have to disagree

I really have to disagree with you on this one. I'm a HUGE fan of DeathNote and am happy the way it turned out. Misa was MADE to be a stupid girl who is easily talked into doing things. If she wasn't a good portion of Light's plan wouldn't work. I understand your feeling but come on not EVERYTHINg can be "feminist freindly" because lets face it there are stupid people in the world.There are going to be girls and guys who can evenly be eaisly manipulated witout knowing. Sorry but everyone can NOT be smart in the world. Death Note was a great series. OS what if the three smartest people were guys. The whole taskforce was full of men who as eaisly manipulated as Misa was. I dont think there was anything wrong in how the anime/manga was potrayed. Plus if you read the book in the ORGINAL story Misa didnt kill her self but was a leader in a clan of Kira supporters.

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Posted by Renee (not verified) on 6 December 2007 - 7:09pm
This came up when I was

This came up when I was looking for a Misa figurine.. I'm not a feminist. I strongly disagree. Like Renee said; she was made to be that way. And face it; EVERYONE dies in the show; even the two main male characters. So, it's not like they just hate females.

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Posted by Dana Leigh (not verified) on 7 February 2008 - 10:20pm
Misa should have been written

Misa should have been written as a stronger character. I hated her immature attitude and she did not deserve to have two damn Death Gods die for her. The writer of Death Note made a mistake when he (she/) killed off the only reasonable female in the show. I'm not saying Death Note is terrible but it doesn't present its female characters that well.

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Posted by Laurena (not verified) on 27 July 2010 - 5:43pm
Found this in a search

After watching, reading, and loving Death Note, this did bother me, and that is why I searched for posts on this topic.

I agree that all of the female characters in Death Note are stupid, inferior and manipulated. I also agree that this didn't need to be the case, and was to the detriment of the series.

I have thought through the gender changes.

Making L a female would, unintended, make Death Note a romance of sorts. So, although simply switching L to a female was something that I thought of as well, I am not sure how it would have actually affected the dynamic. Perhaps L and Misa would be shown as foils instead of L and Light. Then if events happen in the same progression, the subtext would be that Light 'picks' submissive, beautiful, useful Misa over his weird intellectual peer.

If Light were switched than his manipulations of women that advance the plot would have to be rewritten so that they are either men or lesbians. I'm not sure how that would affect things. It also makes the main character a girl, kind of disqualifying it for publication in the male-targeted magazine where it appeared. The switch would work, in that it would result in a balanced portrayal of a female character.

I'm not sure that switching Mello's gender would result in a balanced fem character portrayal at all. In fact, I am actually sure that it would not. Mello is an overly emotional loose canon to contrast stoic and rational Near. He is a manipulator of people while Near is dependent, again a 'bad' and 'female' trait. His lack of ability to think things through while taking huge risks disfigures and eventually kills him. He dresses provocatively and is always shown eating chocolate suggestively, which wouldn't really result in a positive female character. His role is downgraded from the manga to the anime, making him even more of a tool for Near, and he doesn't appear in the live action movies at all.

Near could very easily be switched, since he doesn't meet physically with Light, or even move around much. He is shown to be dominating and respected even despite his childish characteristics. The SPK members are shown putting up with a lot from him, rather than quit or work on the Kira case in some other way. (Even after the SPK is officially disbanded, and it's not even clear whether or not they are still getting paid.)
Near would have been an easy switch. But not contrasting the genders between the L candidates would have been impossible, given that everything about them is contrasted.

Also, on the topic of actual Death Note female characters, Misa may be playing dumb. She does have moments of cleverness and positive portrayal.

Her song in the anime indicates her knowledge of being manipulated. "You tell me everything, if I would forget, you would tell me again. But what happens when I know everything?" She knows that Light uses her, but 'know everything' could mean either 'become non-useful to Light' or 'know all Light has to tell her', meaning that he is dead. 'What happens' means she wonders if Light will kill her, or she will kill herself.

She also discovers Light's identity, even though he set up measures to prevent this, and sneaks a secret message to Light past L. She communicates with Rem right in front of L in a way that gives him no sense that she is not actually speaking to him, even though it's mentioned that at this point she is hungry and dehydrated (and wishing for death). Despite this, she is later shown to hide her acting abilities in front of L.

She also evades Mogi in the hospital and executes a successful maneuver against Higuchi on her own.

Rem is actually a pretty balanced and strong female character even though she gets tricked by Light. She uses her power over Light to order him around (but overtly, not through manipulation. Which is one of the only times this tactics is ever used.) She has motivation and principles, which makes her the strongest Shinigami character, IMO.

Last, there is some evidence that the writer of the series might be a female.

The case is as such:

The author is anonymous, and writes a single popular comic targeted at a male audience. No one has ever publicly claimed to be Tsugumi Ohba, and the gender is never revealed.

Tsugumi is a feminine name.

Ohba is referred to as a 'she' in an interview. (source:

Any of these could be a red herring, as could the counter-evidence of maleness.

That's the real 'evidence'. It gets more tenuous from here, it's just my analysis. It contains spoilers.

There is a mention that the character likes to sit in L's posture on the Wikipedia entry for him/her. That and the fact that he/she uses an alias, and is very clever (to write Death Note, and to stay anonymous), suggest that L started as a self-insert with a hastily changed gender (Which really explains the sexual subtext that the whole internet has picked up on. But then again, 'The Internet'...)

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Posted by Kish (not verified) on 4 September 2010 - 12:02am