Culture isn't dying


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The most infuriating...

aspect of a privileged person insisting that he enjoys no privilege is the implication that he fares better because of his innate (moral or otherwise) superiority.

If one admits to having privilege, one might be required to cede said privilege - and they aren't about to do that, now, are you boys?

Support the Women's Autonomy and Sexual Sovereignty Movements

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 6 September 2005 - 9:38pm
Thank you, first commenter!

Hi Morgaine,

Thank you for your comment - yes, it's about hanging onto power.

(By the way, you're the first one to comment on one of my posts here at Media Girl, thanks! :))

- Sour Duck

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Posted by Sour Duck on 6 September 2005 - 9:47pm
I'll give you another comment

Good post. The notion that there's not an entrenched hierarchy of A-list blogs is beyond ridiculous. Jarvis is a tool.

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Posted by Jedmunds (not verified) on 7 September 2005 - 9:16am
Thanks Jedmunds...

Many thanks, Jedmunds. ;)

- Sour Duck

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Posted by Sour Duck on 8 September 2005 - 10:39pm