Is loving your vagina offensive? Disruptive?


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Vaginas Make Some Right Wing Christian Men Soft

I know this is hard to believe, but Mike Adams who writes at and is a college professor at UNC claims that all this vagina talk makes him soft.

"Worse than the discovery that I am now suffering from ED was the subsequent realization that I have been suffering from it for several years. Ever the empiricist, I decided to record the approximate dates of my previous, shall we say, difficulties in an effort to find the root causes of my medical condition. A brief summary follows:

In 2001, I was jogging on campus when I passed a group of feminists marching in the annual “Take back the night� event. After they marched by me shaking their fists and screaming, I first experienced ED. They certainly took back that night!

In 2002, I read the book “Intimate Reading� by a feminist professor in the English Department at UNC-Wilmington. After I read the section about her losing her virginity at age 16 (told in graphic detail), I again experienced ED.

In 2003 (February), when campus feminists marched around stage chanting “vagina, vagina� during the Vagina Monologues, I experienced ED again. Even worse, it happened to me on Valentine’s Day (which, by the way, is not known as VD)!

In 2003 (March), when the university hired a self-proclaimed “queer Muslim� speaker named Irshad Manji, I experienced by most intense bout with ED. In some ways, I’m still recovering.

In 2004, I saw a campus feminist (student) wearing a shirt that read “f*** Bush.� It wasn’t really the shirt that gave me ED. It was probably the leather combat boots and dog collar she was wearing. I even thought about calling animal control.

And, finally, in 2005, I have now suffered from ED due to a feminist’s excessive complaints about her husband’s ED. It’s kind of like trying not to imagine a giant purple elephant."

Yep.. this guy can't get a hard on if there are women with vaginas running around!

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Posted by blondesense Liz (not verified) on 24 April 2005 - 12:07pm
Feminists are responsible for impotence?

My goodness! So this guy can get hard only if he can beat and rape women? I'm glad he's impotent! What's frightening is that this will only enrage him more, making him all the more likely to act out on his power fantasies. Does he need Viagra? Or Thorazine?

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Posted by media girl on 24 April 2005 - 1:42pm
Mike and his problem

I followed the above link over to Mike's column from Blondesense and left this comment, I discount ED and assume that Mike is a repressed rightwing gay man.

I think all this obsession with gayness by the GOP rightwing, is because the GOP right-wing is loaded with gay men. Today we have the news that Jeff Gannon checked into the White House over 200 times, and many times when there was no news conferences, and didn't check-out on many ocassions, all suggests he was plying his professional trade in the white house, with only a few possible individuals as clients. Many, many WH and GOP high-command are known to frequent gay bars, and many are rummored to be gay.


It looks like you have issues about your sexuality because you go "limp" around girls. Have you considered taking your problems to an expert like "Bulldog" Jeff Gannon, I think he could help you come to grips with your female side. You have repressed your gayness too long, and need to come out of the closet and show yourself to be a real man. Then you'll stop writing all that whiney crap!

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Posted by Earl Bockenfeld (not verified) on 24 April 2005 - 10:39pm