Why Abortion should be Free.


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This is frm Marisacat:

I wish this were reprinted around the net. Such a cruel nation we live in... and the killing game of the pro-life / anti-abortion is the religious horse that Bush rode ot power on. And the rest of the civil war we have on going in this nation....

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Posted by anonymous lurker (not verified) on 17 September 2005 - 1:02pm
If you have a place to post it -

Be my guest. Just put my name on it, and you can post it wherever you like.

Support the Women's Autonomy and Sexual Sovereignty Movements

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Posted by Morgaine Swann on 18 September 2005 - 12:12am
I am a young black woman and

I am a young black woman and I see one problemw ith your view. I have a friend who has had two abortions and another who uses them as birth control. The one who had two abortions is pregnant again and she is having this child. I just want to know why you call it choice and dont just say abortion. Why be deceptive. Girls in the poor communities you speak of choose to have lots of sex with guys they dont know then they choose to kill the baby. And my friend told me she has nightmares about the dead baby. Is this pro woman? I also would like to know if a fetus is a human baby only if the wom an wants it then how is it fair that a man is forced to pay child support? If she decides to kill the baby he doesnt have to pay, but she decides to kill it he has to pay? it just seems to me that he should be able to be involved in whether he child will be killed. OH and by the way I dont think that women should HAVE to choose death over abortion. But I would. I have two boys and I would give my life for them any day. But I just want to say .I just think that behavior is what cause these issues, this is 2005 women know that sex gets you: pregnant, diseases, heartbreak, ect. So why not abstain or use birth control? Then you wont have a baby to kill.

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Posted by anonymous lurker (not verified) on 19 September 2005 - 3:47am
As someone who claims to be conservative

...you sound an awful lot like Bush & Company, which makes me wonder at your post on the other thread. (Yes, I know it was you.)

Do you think girls are born with knowledge? Apparently so, with your strange "this is 2005" remark. Conservatives have been killing sex education programs in schools, or didn't you know that? Conservatives have been encouraging pharmacists not to fill birth control prescriptions, or didn't you know that? Conservatives have been blocking Plan B contraception, so if the condom breaks, you have no recourse, or didn't you know that?

If you had a daughter, if your daughter is raped, these same politicians will prevent you from helping her have an abortion. If your daughter's life is in danger from the pregancy, these same politicians will prevent you from helping her. If you are raped, same thing. If your mother is raped, same thing.

You seem to think that anti-abortion laws are just about abortion, but they are about all reproductive rights. These people want to take away women's control over our own bodies, including having access to birth control. Why do they want that? Maybe that's something to ask yourselves, as conservatives, you know?

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Posted by media girl on 19 September 2005 - 8:51am
also in college i got

also in college i got pregnant. i found out at five months. the day i found out the baby kicked. there was no way i was going to kill the child. but the father of the child wanted me to. i left collge. and now i am a happy homemaker, as i am sure you will find disdain in. when i went to planned parenthood for a preg test adn other help they said they only do ultrasounds if i will kill the child adn they offered no other help. what ever happened to choice? oh and you dont have to be religious to oppose abortion. atheists have a stronger case because if death is the end and u kill the child u are robbing it of the only chance of life. please comment.

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Posted by anonymous lurker (not verified) on 19 September 2005 - 3:50am
First I think this is a

First I think this is a troll comment. Your "facts" imply that you are ignorant or appathetic about your own health and the comments about PP seem ridiculious on their face.

I am an athist and I support abortion and I don't think I need to explin myself to you because you have already made up your mind.

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Posted by Eric (not verified) on 19 September 2005 - 4:01pm
homemaking is a personal and valid choice

Pro choice means YOU have the right to decide whether to have a child or not. It doesn't mean you are always going to choose that. I think it really is great that you have made a choice that you are happy with. And, no, no one feels disdain for your choice to be a homemaker or to choose to preserve the lives of your boys over yours. Actually, that makes me feel really good about the kind of person you are. I'm sorry for your friend and hope she can come to terms with her choices. we don't always make the best ones in everything we do

We can't control how other women choose to lead their sexual lives, though we can try to educate them. It's just as hard as trying to keep a mother from her previous alcohol or drug addiction (like it isn't hard enough to have a serious addiction, add to it the stress of a pregnancy, wanted or not). Must we deny all women the right to choose b/c we find the choices of some (pregnancy as birth control) uncomfortable?

I was watching Chris Rock the other night. first of all, he's fucking brilliant (watch it: Nothing's Sacred, esp for his piece on rich v wealth) and he makes stabs at the surprised pregnancies of women who then control the outcome with the helpless man to stand by waiting to find out if he will *escape* (abortion) or *pay* (child support). While I understand the rage of the men for feeling so helpless, the fact is they were never helpless either. They can insist and use birth control every time. If they are having sex with an *unknown* woman, they are behaving irresponsibly as well.

And paying child support is the least a father can do. But we all know that many men choose not to stay around and help raise the child (even if the mother and father aren't in a relationship themselves). So they do manage to figure out how to escape themselves leaving a born child to grow up without a male parent. there are no laws forcing a man to stay and babysit, are there?

It angers me that we always look down on the pregnant woman and blame her for being irresponsible and NEVER look at the man's part in getting the woman pregnant. And then, gee, how unfair is it that the man must pay child support? She also pays child support, even if it's the more significant part of physically raising the child. It's always her fault and never his. That's bullshit and we must focus our energies on spotlighting that part of the equation.

I've had two abortions. One when I was 17 and one at 31. At 31, it didn't even become a question b/c I only have 1/2 a uterus due to a three pound tumor/myomectomy I had at 24. I feel perfectly fine about my choices. I'm glad I had one in high school and I'm glad I didn't try to carry a baby to term and risk my own life in the process. that said, I never wanted children so that played an important role. and the idea of the multiple abortions? Well, women are baby-making machines. We are biologically wired to try to get pregnant every month of every year from 13-54. That's why the sex drive exists and is often hard to ignore. Nature sets us up that way. As much as we can try and even if we are the most perfect of perfect people who use BC and never ever screw it up there are system failures that cause an unwanted pregnancy. I want to have a choice and I want other women to have that choice.



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Posted by gballsout on 19 September 2005 - 7:20am
From reading the original

From reading the original post I really get the impression that the poster believes an abortion based birth-control system as a positive thing, even thought I'm pro-choice, I think thats a pretty sick stance. Abortion shouldn't be the first line of defense against un-wanted pregnancy.

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Posted by D. Mason (not verified) on 19 September 2005 - 7:09pm
I don't think she's arguing that

...but aborting a pregnancy is a woman's right. Most of those who advocate criminalizing abortion also would criminalize birth control. The issues are connected, because they are both under assault. Why? I believe because the real issue for them isn't reducing abortions to the point that they don't even happen, it's to punish women for having sex. If they were really for reducing abortions, they would support sex education, affordable and accessible birth control, including plan B....

And sometimes birth control fails. Sometimes the woman is raped. Sometimes the girl is molested. What then should be the "first line of defense"?

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Posted by media girl on 20 September 2005 - 1:01am