While CNN puts on a show that pretends to be a debate....


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It is not an election but a popularity contest

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Posted by OleBlue on 27 November 2007 - 7:57pm
the wonderment of wolf

Mediagirl ploughs no lonely furrow in looking askance at WOlf Blitzer. If Mr Blitzer offered deference towards professional excellence to match the deference he shows towards Reublican politicians (and, of course, Dick Cheney's missus as author of children's history books), he may move off the list of television irritants. Long shot, but theoretically possible.
Politicians are transient, and of lesser calibre than the interviewer (merely riff-raff), but Wolfie is forever. That's a status of longevity he shares with diamonds, athlete's foot and the common cold. An ego that may have to be entombed in a zeppelin hangar when he is gathered to his fathers sadly undermines his value as a television interviewer. In this, he is a sorry contrast to the late Ed Murrow, whose wit and sensitive antennae told him how intrusive the question-asker should be. Despite his notions of omnipotence, Blitzer is as much a victim of the tyranny of the clock as what he would describe as lesser mortals. Much has to be crammed with the boundaries of Late Edition and wherever else he yabbers on television. So it's all pell-mell, with Democrats more likely to be chopped off in mid-sentence than the inheritors of Richar Nixon's Repblican grandeur. A great British journalist, the late Hugo Young of The Guardian, wrote that no politican leader should stay in office more than six years. Television pundits and moderators may also have their limitations of effective distance run. And the white-bearded ersatz sage of Late Edition may already have swooshed past the effectiveness finishing line.

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Posted by jack sheppard (not verified) on 28 November 2007 - 9:15pm