So what kind of Democrats do we need, anyway?


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The corpses of Hope of women's reproductive freedoms are not even cold and dead yet... and the "Stollers" are already eager to sell off their womenfolk to the highest bidder.

I guess I am being too "ideological" and "issue" oriented... I should be more pragmatic and politically strategic and donate my womb to the Democratic Party... but I am just a daft female... the menfolk know more about these things.

What kind of Dems do we need... who says they have to be Dems?

Representation is representation and at the moment the Democratic leadership has made it clear it no longer wishes to represent me... therefore I am a free agent.

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Posted by Parker (not verified) on 12 January 2006 - 7:10pm
Fuck 'em (so articulate)

Frankly not much left to say anymore... The party is resolutely headed for a cliff... I see no reason to go there with them, or vote to support the (inevitably flailing) drop off... LOL.

It's a pity... but, oh well... ;)

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Posted by Marisacat on 12 January 2006 - 11:17pm