Yes, that's right, I'm 29! (No, silly, last year I was 28!)


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gloria steinem is hot imo.

gloria steinem is hot imo. and she's in her 7th decade i believe.

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Posted by stephanie schulte (not verified) on 6 December 2005 - 6:23pm

My wife is 54, is smart, works for change, speaks her mind and WOULD look awesome in a bikini but she refuses to get a wax job.

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Posted by Meteor Blades (not verified) on 7 December 2005 - 2:56am
the project isn't trying to

the project isn't trying to limit hotness to young women. (and it isn't dedicated to young women because feministing is, it's a project of a couple of orgs.)

we decided to do this as kind of a response to maxim magazine's hot 100 list--which features mostly younger women. clearly older women are hot! but we thought it was important to specifically target younger women for this.

we thought of this kind of as a two-fold thing. one, younger women are portrayed in mags like maxim or ads or what have you as being hot ONLY because of the way they look. we wanted to start a project that showed why young women are really hot--because of the work they do. the second thing is, the amazing work that younger women are doing all across the country often goes unnoticed. we felt this would be a great opportunity to show the people who are always complaining that young women aren't feminists, young women are falling for society's bullshit standards, etc, that young women ARE doing great work that doesn't involve the way they look.

too often, when it comes to recognizing women for their work, there's one or two token young women. we wanted a whole goddamn site dedicated to their work. hope that explains it a bit.

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Posted by Jessica (not verified) on 7 December 2005 - 9:55am
I'm totally behind you on this

Please consider my post an "and also" kind of thing, and not a "yeah but" kind of thing.

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