Going Wildmon over "The Book of Daniel"


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Isn't the American Family Association Funded by Tom Delay?

Hey, isn't this one of Tom Delay's pet projects?

The DeLay-Abramoff Money Trail

The U.S. Family Network, a public advocacy group that operated in the 1990s with close ties to Rep. Tom DeLay and claimed to be a nationwide grass-roots organization, was funded almost entirely by corporations linked to embattled lobbyist Jack Abramoff, according to tax records and former associates of the group.

goddamm Anabaptists. Yossarian was right!


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Posted by bayprairie on 31 December 2005 - 3:41am
Much ado about nothing

Given the fact the over 79% of adults in the USA consider themselves Christian, I won't be surprised if this series turns out to be another turd on sidewalk of mainstream TV. In about 3 weeks time, it will dry up and stop stinking. In any event, it will be educational for Christians to see the contempt that NBC has toward their faith.

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Posted by Peter Dixon (not verified) on 31 December 2005 - 6:50am
Or, to reverse your assumption

Given the fact the over 79% of adults in the USA consider themselves Christian, I won't be surprised if this series turns out to be rather popular ... to the extent a Friday-night show can be popular. (It's not exactly "Miami Vice".)

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Posted by media girl on 31 December 2005 - 9:21am

of course, it's pretty apparent that the conversations w/ Jesus are visual METAPHORS for prayer, but given the state of what passes for the Christian "faith" in this country, simpleminded as it too often is, that would be completely lost on a lot of people. "The Last Temptation of Christ" was too complex an examination of Jesus' sacrifice for Americans such as Wildmon to grasp as well.

Hard to believe these are the spiritual descendents of the people who were hounded for generations by the Romans. Weak, fragile ...

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 31 December 2005 - 11:07am
Joan of Arcadia and 7th Heaven

Joan of Arcadia did pretty well for a God show on Fridays. That show never really raised the fuss I thought it would, since God was a character I actually found likeable.

If the Christians should be protesting any show, it should be 7th Heaven. It portrays Christians as racist, sexist, victim blamers, passive agressive, spys, bigots, and so on. The 79% Christian population explains why that show has been on the air ten years. (And I thought it was just held up by the teenage girls who want to have a marriage just like Kevin and Lucy's.)

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Posted by Lake Desire (not verified) on 31 December 2005 - 11:08am
all viewpoints welcome on RateItAll

Hi MediaGirl, excellent piece, and like you, I'm having a hard time understanding the fervor around this show.

Just as a heads up, I'm a moderator at RateItAll - all viewpoints are welcome, not just bashers of the show. In fact, the show's writer Jack Kenny put in his two cents - it makes for an interesting read.

The whole discussion can be read here:


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Posted by magellan (not verified) on 6 January 2006 - 12:47am
I'll watch the show

...as long as it doesn't conflict with Battlestar Galactica, the best show on television, which launches its 3rd season Friday night. (Woohoo!)

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Posted by media girl on 6 January 2006 - 1:48am
The Book of Daniel

My TV set has these nifty buttons that allow me to change the channel when something is on that I don't like or don't approve of. You should get one that has them.

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Posted by Open Minded (not verified) on 10 January 2006 - 6:53pm
Sorry I missed it

As much as I would have loved to see the hypocrisy of winguts skewered in a show about real Christian values, Battlestar Galactica was on. One has to have priorities, especially when it comes to the best show on television.

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Posted by media girl on 10 January 2006 - 7:01pm
The Book of Daniel

I watched the first two episodes of "The Book of Daniel" to determine if this show is worth my active protesting, and I believe it is worth yelling about. During the second viewing I wrote down the sponsors names and I am contacting them. The chiefest sponsor seems to be Burlington Coat Factory and if you just go coat.com you reach their website where you can then contact the corporate offices by e-mail and tell them how you feel. I told them that I would be ashamed to go to their store or wear their clothing and that I definitely no longer "love the label."

"The Book of Daniel" has nothing appealing about it. The characters are so bad they are silly, the plot is stupid, the interaction between characters is not believeable, and the scenes where Jesus appears are the most disrespectful and offensive thing I have ever seen on television.

I am gratified to see that NBC is using the commercial time to advertise their own shows, which suggests that they have very few sponsors. Toyota is one, and I e-mailed my local dealer, plus a Chevrolet dealer, locally. KFC is a sponsor and I plan to locate their corporate office and write to them. I also wrote to NBC and the affiliate station in Sacramento, CA and told them they have reached a very new LOW, which is so low, it stinks. Also, I have added all the actors' names to my list of actors I will never view again. Previous to this batch of actors, my list only contained Jane Fonda and Woody Allen.

I definitely believe decent people need to let the media know when bad stuff goes down.

Marilynn Anderson

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Posted by Marilynn Anderson (not verified) on 14 January 2006 - 8:50pm
If bad television is your standard

...it's a wonder you're not calling for a boycott of every advertiser on tv. (For the record, I've still not seen the show.)

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Posted by media girl on 14 January 2006 - 8:53pm
I watched the first one

bad soap opera, not deserving of all the hoopla. It probably would have been canceled by now if not for all the free publicity.

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Posted by Madman in the M... on 14 January 2006 - 9:28pm
The Book of Daniel complaints

The media does want to know when bad stuff goes down. Sponsors want to know, too. The same people who don't bother to vote also don't care about representing their views any place else. Large companies are glad to get feedback and sponsors don't want to pump money into anything that will give them a bad name.

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Posted by Allen Whitney (not verified) on 15 January 2006 - 5:21pm
I doubt this
Large companies are glad to get feedback

Tell that to your phone company or credit card company or auto dealer or airline or insurance company or.... Their customer service people (probably in India) will certainly shed a tear for you.

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Posted by media girl on 16 January 2006 - 9:43am
Book of Daniel cancelled by NBC

It's gratifying to see that the viewing public can speak up and make a difference in what's on TV. "The Book of Daniel" was a bad script with a poor plot, characters that went nowhere but down, and was just plain degrading to good Christians. Writers should know better, but when nobody says much, they get away with presenting garbage. Close to 700,000 people complained about this show, so NBC got the message.

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Posted by Marilynn Anderson (not verified) on 25 January 2006 - 1:18am
More like poor ratings was the cause

700,000 people not watching because of thin skins is nothing compared with 260 million people not watching because they don't think the show's very entertaining -- if they even saw it.

Me, I prefer Battlestar Galactica for my Friday viewing pleasure.

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Posted by media girl on 25 January 2006 - 2:46am