Every zygote is sacred


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Wow, I knew that there were

Wow, I knew that there were a lot of other uses for birth control pills but this was eye opening. This really does go right into this drive to deny health care in general to those who don't happen to agree with one's spiritual beliefs. The most insane thing about this movement is that they have drifted so far away from basic biblical principle it's apalling. I am a christian who believes that much of the bible is allegory - even taken more literaly though it is clear that Christ commands christians to live a life of love - putting it above even faith. We are commanded to love the sinner hate the sin. The bible tells us to be a living witness - i.e. make folks want to know why you live the way you do and want to emulate it. The bible also says there is no sin greater than to drive any person away from God - yet these people do that all the time. They spew hateful bile, threaten even commit the worst sorts of attrocities - in the name of one who abhores such behaviour. There truly is a special place in hell, if it exists, for people such as these.

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Posted by DuWayne on 6 December 2005 - 4:40pm
Conscientious Objector

Indeed, a person can be excused from participation based on conscience. In war time the Conscientious Objector, CO, is not put on the front lines. These individuals are removed to other duty is a supporting function. Those who cannot handle the responsibilities of their job title - doctors or pharmacist - could be given work that does not require writing or filing scripts. Perhaps working in the pathology area or working in a laboratory setting where patient contact is minimal, or non-existence, might be right for them.

Just like a CO is not allowed to pick and choose which battles to fight, the best thing is to remove people who cannot carry out the basics of the job.

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Posted by Matsu on 6 December 2005 - 5:19pm